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Ahh, would it not be the best thing in the world to be able to wake up feeling fresh? Of course, it would, but how often do we wake up feeling fresh? Even on a weekend it just doesn’t seem to happen. We end up going out and drinking too much, or even staying in and eating too much.

It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s just hard to wake up without that groggy feeling looming over you. That’s because so many people just don’t grasp the concept of sleep.

They either have too much, too little, or they just don’t wake up at the right time.

Wake Up Feeling Funky Fresh

Because there are periods during your sleep cycle when you should be waking up. On those odd occasions where you do wake up during the right cycle, you will actually feel more awake than ever before.

But we’re not here to talk about your sleeping habits; we’re here to show you how to wake up feeling funky and fresh!

A Bedtime Routine

Wake Up Feeling Funky Fresh

A bedtime routine can definitely solve all of your worst nightmares, but boy don’t we sound like a parenting article.

But it’s true. Just like with children that you might have, getting into a bedtime routine can actually make the whole process of falling to sleep easier, and waking up better!

Wake Up Feeling Funky Fresh

One thing that people complain about the most is waking up with fatigued skin, for many different reasons. So, you could restore the appearance of your skin with a night serum as step one of your night time routine.

If you give your skin a good cleanse, and apply a serum that goes deep into your skin, you will wake up with more of a glow. Reading a book before bed is also really good practice.

Not only is it great for your mind and your wellbeing, but being deep in to a book does actually help you fall to sleep so much quicker. It’s all about trying to get to bed as early as possible, and reaping the benefits because of it!

Wake Up Feeling Funky Fresh

Technology Can Help!

You might have read so many different articles that will have told you to stay away from technology if you want to fall to sleep, and they’re absolutely right.

But do you remember those sleep cycles that we were talking about, well technology can track them. All you need to do is download an app, keep your phone close to you, and set a time that you would like to wake up.

Then, it will monitor your movements and noises during your sleep, and estimate when you’re in the best sleep cycle to wake up closest to that time.

Try it out and see if it works for you, because there are so many people out there who swear by it!

Wake Up Feeling Funky Fresh

Quit Snoozing Your Alarms

Finally, one that you all might struggle to do, but snoozing your alarm is no good for you.

Sitting up as soon as your first alarm goes up gets you in the frame of mind to wake up properly. Snoozing your alarm just reminds you of how comfy you are, and how much you definitely don’t want to leave your comfy bed!

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