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We cat people cherish every moment spent with our feline companions. We think about and miss our dogs when we’re away from home for a while.

Most of us have probably wondered, “Will my cat remember me?” or “Will my cat know me when I go back?” or “how long my cat can remember me,” especially when we are away for an extended period.

Cat Park - Review of Independence gardens, Sliema, Malta

Like many other animals, Cats have a perfect memory and are likely to remember you for months or even years. Understanding the inner workings of a cat’s memory is crucial to any progress.

How Do Cats Keep Their Memories?

As with humans, cats have both short-term and long-term memories. To recall something temporarily, such as right after a one-time meeting or encounter.

They say a cat’s short-term memory can last up to 16 hours, which is far longer than the average of other animals (27 seconds).

As a result, they can quickly return to the spot where they hunted the night before or to the new location of their food bowl if you move it.


Long-term memory in cats is thought to be superior to short-term memory. This allows them to retain information about people and events for extended periods.

It doesn’t matter what kind of memory a cat has; they’ll always be more likely to recall their owners if they’re taught to connect the two.

Even if your cat doesn’t know you as its owner, it will still identify you with positive emotions such as safety because of its association memory. Thus, you will undoubtedly become one of your cat’s most beloved owners by offering these items.


Whether or not cats can recall their previous owners is an interesting topic.
When cats are adopted or transferred to a different shelter, they often become attached to the person who previously cared for them and their house.

At the same time, cats recall terrible experiences, places (where something wrong happened), or humans who abused them.

Cat Park - Review of Independence gardens, Sliema, Malta

As discussed before, cats have association memory. Thus, they don’t remember their prior owners as a person. Instead, they link you with the events you experienced with them (such as feeding, grooming, playing games, caring, love, affection, etc.).

Like feeding, grooming, playing games, care, love, respect, etc). No matter how he does it, what’s important is that your cat thinks of you while you’re not around.

Do Cats Miss Old Owners?

If the former owner cared for the cat, often surprised him with goodies, and supplied toys, the cat would undoubtedly miss him.

According to studies, cats become destructive when the person they care about is gone for an extended period. However, it’s impossible to define the emotion of grief and desire in animals that we don’t talk to, particularly felines.

In addition, the intensity and duration of a cat’s nostalgia for a former owner are proportional to the strength of the link shared between the two.

Whatever the situation, the state endures for a short time only. As the cat adjusts to its new home and person, it may stop remembering its former life.


Do Cats Forget Or Miss Their Owners?

I wondered how long it typically takes for a cat to get used to its new home and people.
A cat can form a strong attachment with a new owner even though it will always carry memories of its previous home and owner.

The time it takes for a cat to adjust to a new home and family is contingent on several things, including the cat’s age and temperament, the prior owner’s treatment, and his new family’s approach to him.

Some cats have a more extroverted and gregarious personality, making them better suited to bond with a new owner. Also, kittens and young cats adjust more quickly to new environments and people than their senior counterparts.

A cat well cared for by its previous owner is more likely to change to its new human companion than one subjected to mistreatment or cruelty.

If the new owners know how to treat a newly adopted cat, are patient, provide appropriate care, and spend a substantial amount of time with him daily, the cat will undoubtedly gain confidence within a few days or weeks, regardless of the abovementioned considerations.


The preceding debate leads us to the conclusion that cats do not forget their owners. Cats remember their owners, for better or worse, for months or even years after they’ve left.

Do Cats Forget Or Miss Their Owners?

Even if you treat your cat nicely, separation anxiety and other behavioural problems may arise if you have to be apart for an extended period. As a bonus, a well-cared-for cat will take to its new human family quickly.

It’s possible that a cat who has been neglected or abused won’t take care of its new home and owner. Love, care, and attention from you can win his heart.

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