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Netflix is releasing a science and wildlife documentary series titled The Hidden Lives of Pets on June 22, 2022, which explores the lives of animals.

Rob Neil is the show’s producer and director. He works with Amber Beattie and Cressida Kinnear to make the show.

Hugh Bonneville, best known for his role as Paddington Bear in the film, provides the narration for this British documentary. A total of four 30- to 33-minute episodes make up the documentary series.

What if our pets had powers that we didn't even know we had?

Has your pet ever made you wonder what they can do? Those who are pet owners already have a good idea of the depth and breadth of your animal companions’ personalities and abilities.

This series may give you scientifically supported answers to your questions if that’s what you’re after. Pets worldwide are profiled, and the most recent research on our furry friends is presented.

Intelligence is the focus of Episode 1

Many of us assume that our pets are basic beings who only care about receiving food and going outside. It’s undeniable, though, that they have the potential to be trained to perform far more impressively.

As a result, we now have access to creatures with a level of intelligence unmatched by those of their species. Animal intelligence can be boosted in the right circumstances, from a base-jumping Border Collie and a bopping cockatoo to racing rats.

For Kazuza, the border collie, it’s a never-ending flight as the base jump together from a 2000-foot high cliff with no fear or trepidation whatsoever. When animals are usually in tune with their owners’ emotional intelligence, that intelligence overrides their usual tendencies.

What if our pets had powers we didn't even know we had?

Snowball, a dancing cockatoo, also makes an appearance; he grooves to the music and even comes up with his dance movements. After watching a how-to video on YouTube, a bearded pet dragon named Gambit was inspired to learn how to slide doors.

These real-life instances demonstrate that animals are capable of far more than previously thought.

A look into how people communicate in Episode 2

Every pet owner has fantasized about what it would be like if their animals could communicate with one other. But what if they already do and all we have to do is pay attention to their tone of voice? On the other hand, Bunny and her owner Alexis are living proof that this is already a reality.

long-coated white puppy litter

I’m sure many of us have seen the viral Tik Toks of Bunny telling her owner she loves her through the speaking dog buttons while spending most of our days online.

When you push one of the buttons, a recording of a few selected words or phrases will play. The way they communicate is this way.

Before going on a stroll, Alexis would touch the button that said “outside,” Bunny soon followed suit and began hitting the button whenever she wanted to go outdoors. As a result, we used more words and sentences in our conversations over time.

What if our pets had powers we didn't even know we had?

The capacity of parrots to speak in our language may be a result of their tongues, which are very similar to ours.

They can produce the same noises because of it. For many, body language is a more subtle means of communication than verbalization.

A New Level of Sensation

Numerous videos of service dogs have been posted on Tik Tok, and we’ve all seen them. Barna is one such dog, and he can sense when his owner is about to lapse into a coma and notify them of it.

As a result of an organ known as Jacobson’s organ, our bodies’ chemical changes can be picked up by these devices.

Dogs, however, aren’t the only creatures with particular abilities that enable them get past every obstacle. Like Kenny, cats have magnetoreceptors, which allow them to detect the earth’s magnetic field.

He’s been able to lead his owner through the deserts of Utah without getting lost once, and he knows exactly where to go.

Athletes are featured in Episode 4.

Animals like Greyster are the best examples of athletic creatures on the planet. Because of their mix of German Shorthaired Pointer and Greyhound bloodlines, these dogs excel in high-intensity activities such as hiking, running, and swimming. Even human athletes can be envious of their speed.

Despite its diminutive stature, its speed and strength allow it to perform 19 merry-go-round swings in a whole day.

Then there’s Bongchan, a 100-year-old African spurred tortoise living in Japan and a local celebrity. Bongchan was made for walking at least 5 miles daily, so he walks around Tokyo to get the exercise he needs.

Last Words: Use Your Mind, Not Your Strength

Netflix’s The Hidden Lives of pets shows us that our pets are far more complex than we realize. All that is required is for them to be given the right conditions for their development.

white and brown corgi besides brown dog

They already have all the skills they need; all that needs to happen is for those skills to be developed correctly. Our animal friends have so many hidden superpowers. They can save lives and improve the world if we can unlock that potential.

Even our animal buddies, I might add, prefer to choose their life partner based on intelligence over any other quality or ability.

Netflix has a new documentary series called The Hidden Lives of Pets.

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