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Darlings, gather ’round because Netflix has just unleashed the trailer for Glamorous’s fabulous upcoming series, hitting screens on June 22. And let me tell you, it’s a beauty lover’s dream come true!

Picture this: Kim Cattrall, the iconic “supermodel of the world,” taking on the role of a makeup maven extraordinaire and turning a young, makeup-obsessed queer person’s life upside down. It’s like The Devil Wears Prada but with a glamorous twist… makeup!

In this glittering trailer, we meet Marco Mejía, portrayed by the marvellous Miss Benny, a gender non-conforming queer individual who crosses paths with the enchanting Madelyn Addison (played by Cattrall) while working his makeup magic at a department store (imagine Macy’s, darling).

“Why does the supermodel of the world start a makeup empire?” wonders Mejía.

“Because nobody thought I could!” Addison quips with that signature sass we love.

We follow Mejía’s journey as he joins Addison’s makeup empire, handpicked by the fabulous boss herself. With the guidance of Addison’s first assistant (played by the delightful Jade Payton), Marco discovers that working in this high-profile brand isn’t all just glitz and glamour; it’s hard work, too!

But wait, darlings, there’s some drama! We glimpse Addison’s son and the company’s sales director, Chad (played by the charming Zane Philips), who believes that our dear Marco is a “bad influence” on the company. Oh, the plot thickens!

Kim Cattrall Shines as the Boss Lady in 'Glamorous' Trailer

Fear not, my lovelies, for the trailer promises love, self-discovery, and the blossoming of relationships and friendships as Marco finds his way in this mesmerizing world. Netflix has ordered ten episodes of this enchanting series, so get ready for binge-watching magic.

Kim Cattrall Shines as the Boss Lady in 'Glamorous' Trailer

Directed by the talented Todd Strauss-Schulson and with the script penned by the marvellous Jordon Nardino, who also serves as executive producer, Glamorous is set to light up screens with its vibrant and inclusive story.

Nardino tweeted, “This June 22, things get VERY LGBT” about the trailer and the new series. How fabulous is that?

Here’s a little scoop: Glamorous is an altered version of a CW show with the same name that debuted in 2019, but with Brooke Shields originally in the lead.

Netflix has given it a fabulous makeover, and we can’t wait to dive into this world of makeup, glamour, and a touch of mischief.

Kim Cattrall Shines as the Boss Lady in 'Glamorous' Trailer

Please mark your calendars, beauties, because Glamorous is coming soon, and it will be a lip-smacking, eyeshadow-blending, fabulous ride!

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