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  • 1. The Titanic’s NewspaperThe Titanic seemed to have everything on board, including its own newspaper. The Atlantic Daily Bulletin was printed every day onboard the Titanic. The newspaper included news, advertisements, stock prices, horse-racing results, society gossip, and the day’s menu.
32 Unknown Facts about Titanic
  • 2. Only Two BathtubsAlthough most passengers had to share bathrooms (only the two promenade suites in first class had private bathrooms), the third class had it rough with only two bathtubs for more than 700 passengers.
  • 3. Two Dogs RescuedWith the order for women and children first into the lifeboats, plus the knowledge that there were not enough lifeboats for everyone on board the Titanic to be saved, it is a bit surprising that two dogs made it into the lifeboats. Of the nine dogs on board the Titanic, the two that were rescued were a Pomeranian and a Pekinese.
  • 4. Coal on board the ship burned around 600 tonnes of coal a day – hand shovelled into its furnaces by a team of 176 men. Almost 100 tonnes of ash were ejected into the sea each day.
32 Unknown Facts about Titanic
  • 5. There were 20,000 bottles of beer on board, 1,500 bottles of wine, and 8,000 cigars – all for the use of first-class passengers. 6. Injuries building there were 246 injuries and two deaths recorded during the ship’s 26-month construction in Belfast.
32 Unknown Facts about Titanic
  • 7. It was 882 feet (269 metres) in length and 175 feet (53 metres) in height.
  • 8. The first-class smoking lounge was for men only.
  • 9. William Edward Minahan, a doctor from Fond du Lac, Wis., had his fortune read shortly before the voyage. The fortune teller predicted his death aboard the ship. She was right.
  • 10.About 60% of the first-class passengers survived.
32 Unknown Facts about Titanic
32 Unknown Facts about Titanic
32 Unknown Facts about Titanic
  • 11.About 42% of the second-class passengers aboard survived.
  • 12. About 25% of the third-class passengers survived.
  • 13. The final SOS position the Titanic sent out was incorrect.
  • 14. Twenty horses were required to carry the main anchor.
  • 15. The Titanic’s wake was so huge that, at its launch, it sucked in another ship and almost caused a collision. 16. Over 1500 people died because of the sinking.
  • 17. Most third-class cabins contained four to six bunks.
  • 18. Louise Kink Pope was 4 years old when she went on board the Titanic. She and her mother, Luise, were loaded into a lifeboat, but her father was told to remain on deck. Instead, he jumped into the lifeboat as it was being lowered. The family survived and Pope died in Milwaukee at age 84 in 1992.
  • 19. The Titanic featured an onboard swimming pool, a gymnasium, a squash court, and a Turkish bath, and two separate libraries – one for first-class passengers, and one for second class.
  • 20. The last supper served to first-class passengers consisted of 11 courses.
  • 21. The rescue ship Carpathia began taking in Titanic survivors at 4:10 a.m.
  • 22. First-class passengers were given a music book containing 352 songs. Musicians on board were required to know them all, in case requests were made.
  • 23. Numerous people held tickets for the journey, but did not actually sail, including Milton S. Hershey, founder of the chocolate firm, Guglielmo Marconi, and Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, who died on the RMS Lusitania three years later.
32 Unknown Facts about Titanic
32 Unknown Facts about Titanic

24. The last remaining survivor of the disaster, Millvina Dean, died on May 31, 2009, aged 97. She was two months old at the time.

25. The Titanic cost $7.5 million to build.

26. The body of a 2-year-old passenger was not identified until 2007. DNA evidence finally showed that the body was that of Sidney Leslie Goodwin of England. 27.

The body of the richest man on board, John Jacob Astor, was found with his gold pocket watch dangling from its chain. Investigators believed Astor had checked his watch right before leaping from the Titanic.

28. 26 of those on board were honeymooning couples.

32 Unknown Facts about Titanic
32 Unknown Facts about Titanic
  • 29. Only 306 bodies were found. The dead were taken to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Its Maritime Museum has a dedicated section that includes a deckchair recovered from the wreck, mortuary bags, and the shoes of an unknown victim
  • 30. Lady Duff Gordon, one of the biggest fashion designers of her time, and her husband, Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon, both were saved but were later accused of bribing the crew to row off with only 12 people in their lifeboat.
  • 31. All eight members of the Titanic band died in the sinking.
32 Unknown Facts about Titanic
  • 32. One of the lifeboats was found in the ocean almost a month after the sinking with three bodies in it. Resources

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