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Fountains of Wayne Guitarist Jody Talks Band, Tours, Life, and Fun FactsFountains of Wayne Guitarist Jody Talks Band, Tours, Life, and Fun Facts

Fountains of Wayne Guitarist Jody: Band, Tours, Life & Fun Facts

” Fountains of Wayne’s song “Hey Julie””Madison Square Garden shows and losing 2 Grammys.” Quoted by Jody Porter, guitarist of the famous band Fountains of Wayne, when asked about the best moment experienced with the band.With musical influences such as The Beatles, Stones and all the British Invasion era stuff, Jody Porter has come a long way within his career of being a global musician.

Avril Lavigne Album Review on Self Titled Album!Avril Lavigne 2013

Avril Lavigne Album Review on Self-Titled Album!

A line from the song “17” from Avril Lavigne’s self-titled 5th album, which hit UK shelves on November 4th, 2013: “She was putting together the songs on her 2002 debut, Let Go,” and the 29-year-old looks back on those reflectively days of her life, which is her diary in a song with the pop-rock track …

Godivagodvia fashion

Vintage Visions: A Day in the Life of Godiva, Edinburgh’s Fashion Haven

I was bright with such a sight, having made my way to Godiva’s Boutique along Grassmarket. The sun was shining and people were flooding the streets. I was lucky enough to meet the owner of Godiva, Fleur MacIntosh. Having had a moment, I made my way around the colourful and object-jumping materials and patterns of …

Capturing the Moment, the Life of a PhotographerCapturing the Moment, the Life of a Photographer

Capturing the Moment, the Life of a Photographer

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” Imogen Cunningham, I met this inspiring and creative photographer 5 years ago back in 2008 while visiting Edinburgh. This unique photographer approached my sister and I and asked if he could take a photograph of us with our unique matching hair …

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake interview

Less Than Jake: My Music Escape Interview

A lyrical quote from Less Than Jake’s album “In With The Out Crowd” from Overrated (Everything Is). Less Than Jake is an American punk band from Gainesville, Florida, formed in 1992. “I think sex is overrated, so is always getting wasted, designer drugs and dead end jobs, and classic rock is so outdated, I’m so …

Appointedd's Booking up Fast leahAppointedd's Booking up Fast leah

Appointedd – Booking up Fast

“It describes what we do quite well as well—we’re all about allowing businesses to market and manage timeslot appointments,” said Leah Hutcheon, CEO of Appointedd software. Streamlined, Productive and exceptional are three key words that spring to mind when thinking of Appointedd. Where and how did you come up with name “Appointedd”? We played with …

gift Tis the Season to be Broke...The Crafty Cat Pub

Ideas for Christmas Presents Under Ten Pounds!

Alright, alright, I know what you’re thinking – it’s October and here I am blabbering about Christmas! But let’s face it, folks, we can’t escape it! Everywhere we turn, it’s a winter wonderland of advent calendars, Christmas goodies, and reminders to deck the halls! And amidst all the festive cheer, there’s that one little Grinch lurking in the corner—money!