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Ever since I took the leap and moved out at 18, I’ve had my very own cozy studio set up just the way I like it – a delightful space devoid of anyone else’s clutter. I even turned it into a hub for gatherings, a remedy against those bouts of loneliness.

Living With a Boyfriend...
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Friday nights always carried a sense of adventure – whether it was a night out or indulging in video games. Back then, my ex-best friend, who is now my boyfriend, would often be found at my apartment. The best part?

I could fully enjoy our time together without any concerns about interruptions, knowing he’d be gone by morning. It’s funny how life takes unexpected turns. In June 2012, we left Surrey behind and embarked on a new chapter in Edinburgh.

Living With a Boyfriend

Boyfriend / Partner

Living with a partner can be both exciting and challenging. Here are some common quirks and habits that many couples can relate to:

Housemate Quirks
They have a knack for misplacing things, especially when it comes to finding the bin.Finding the bin seems to be a recurring challenge for them.
Washing dishes is their least favorite chore, and it often requires some gentle reminders.Dishwashing isn’t their cup of tea and usually necessitates reminders.
Procrastination becomes their go-to strategy when it comes to tidying up or doing household tasks.Tackling chores promptly isn’t their strong suit; they often procrastinate.
Their shoes and clothes have a tendency to find their way to every corner of the flat.Their belongings seem to have a habit of scattering across the flat.
Randomly scattered empty cans and food wrappers become a common sight.Empty containers and wrappers seem to have a habit of appearing everywhere.
They treat an ironing board as if it’s an alien artifact from another planet.Ironing boards baffle them, as if they’re something unfamiliar.
The washing machine’s spinning cycle remains a mystery to them.The concept of the washing machine’s spinning cycle eludes them.
Cleaning the bathroom involves a spray-and-wipe technique that often leaves towels on the floor.Their cleaning approach sometimes results in towels left on the floor.
“I’ll do it later” becomes their mantra for various tasks around the house.Postponing tasks becomes their standard response for various chores.
Morning rush often leads to a frantic search for things left lying around from the previous day.Mornings involve searching for items from the previous day’s activities.
They rely on your expertise for figuring out how things work, finding lost items, and solving everyday problems.You become their go-to person for various challenges and problems.
Bills tend to be ignored, as they prefer to avoid “bad letters” altogether.They may have a tendency to neglect bills to evade receiving concerning letters.
When something breaks, they hope for a magical cleanup and fix-it fairy (aka, you) to take care of it.Their solution for broken items often involves expecting you to fix it.
You become the designated coordinator for family calls, birthday cards, and any issues related to the flat.You assume the role of managing family matters, birthdays, and flat-related concerns.
The battle for TV time ensues when one wants to play Xbox while the other wants to watch their favorite show.TV time disagreements arise when preferences clash between Xbox and favorite shows.
Football games are sacred moments that should never be interrupted, no matter the time.They hold football games in high regard and consider them sacred moments.

Even pancakes undergo a “lad” makeover. These are just a handful of relatable situations, but ultimately, quirks and habits are inherent in all of us.

Despite this, living with a significant other brings forth numerous positive aspects that outweigh the rest.

Living With a Boyfriend
Living With a Boyfriend

Coexisting with someone who comprehends and appreciates you on a deep level fosters authentic self-expression, even if it leads to occasional friction.

Frequently, we underestimate the array of benefits that accompany sharing a life, yet these advantages are genuinely priceless.

Positive Aspects of Living Together
Having someone to come home to, offering support during both good and bad days.A constant source of support, offering solace and camaraderie during various moments.
A comforting hug is always within reach.Emotional comfort, symbolized by the ready availability of a comforting embrace.
The occasional delight of having dinner cooked for you.Sharing the joy of having meals prepared for you from time to time.
The joyous smile on their face when you enter a clean kitchen and freshly vacuumed floors.The happiness evident when you find a well-maintained, clean living space.
Discovering small treats and thoughtful surprises scattered around the house, specifically designed to brighten your day after a rough one.Encountering thoughtful gestures intended to uplift your spirits on challenging days.
Living With a Boyfriend
Friends in Spain
Enjoying movie nights with indulgent junk food.Sharing entertaining film evenings complemented by delightful junk food.
Having a shoulder to lean on and cry on when needed.A dependable source of emotional support, offering comfort during difficult times.
Having someone who never fails to make you laugh.A constant generator of laughter, brightening moments with their humor.
Always receiving assistance and support during challenging tasks or complex processes. You never have to face them alone.Reliable aid during demanding tasks or intricate processes, ensuring you’re never alone.
When faced with unpleasant tasks like disposing of a dead mouse, they willingly take care of it for you.Willingness to handle unpleasant chores, demonstrating care and cooperation.
Experiencing unconditional love and acceptance, embracing your quirks and craziness without judgment.Unwavering love and acceptance for your unique qualities, free from criticism or judgment.
Living With a Boyfriend

Indeed, that’s the exquisite aspect of cohabiting with a beloved partner. Relationships don’t consistently glide along effortlessly; they demand mutual investment and empathy.

Each individual carries their idiosyncrasies, challenges, and desires, yet as a team, you discover means to harmonize. Occasionally, one party might exhibit irksome habits, yet the other person acknowledges and cherishes them.

Living With a Boyfriend

In my case, sharing a living space with my companion Tom, with whom I’ve had a companionship for nearly 6 years, is a source of delight.

It feels instinctive and reassuring, and envisioning an alternate scenario is beyond my contemplation.

Although next time I buy him a frog before I go travelling and it suddenly dies, I would like to come home after 6 weeks and find it gone, not blown up and floating about for a whole time…ew…

Living With a Boyfriend
Skyping when traveling…asking how things work…
Living With a Boyfriend

At the end of the day, that’s what they’re here for—to bring laughter, happiness, and sometimes a little bit of silliness into your life.

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