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My name pretty much sums up my life since I moved out on my own when I was 18 years old: I had my own studio with everything exactly where I wanted it, free from the distractions of other people and their cluttered, disordered spaces. There were times when I was lonely, but I dealt with it by hosting parties.

Living With a Boyfriend...
This is a normal shop
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What we do on Friday evenings My ex-best buddy, who is now my boyfriend, used to spend a lot of time at my place after going out or just to play video games. Seeing as he would be gone first thing in the morning, I wouldn’t have to worry about any disturbances. Ultimately, in June of 2012, we uprooted ourselves from Surrey and set up house in Edinburgh. When the going became tough, it was because… You can’t run away from the strain of starting over in a new place, with new people, in a new career, and with new friends, all of whom are experiencing their own stresses at the same time. Things that most of us know our significant others do when living with them, and which, let’s be honest, bother us!

  • 1. They don’t seem to know where the bin is!
  • 2. To them, washing up dishes is the biggest chore asked.
  • 3. Always an excuse for not tidying up or doing something. “I just got in” “I always do that.”
  • 4. Shoes and clothes left lying everywhere…
  • 5. Cans of soda, beer, and other food items are left randomly around the flat.
  • 6. An Ironing board is like an alien weapon to them.
  • 7. The washing machine spins; they don’t understand its actions…
  • 8. Cleaning the bathroom involves and few sprays and towels on the floor.
  • 9. The phrase “I’ll do it later” is overused.
  • 10. They leave things lying around after work and stress in the morning that they can’t find them.
  • 11. Asks you “how everything works,”…” what to do with this”, and “have you seen my….” which by the end you kind of wish you had just done it yourself… so much faster.
  • 12. Bills come through and they instead not open them as they are “bad letters”.
  • 13. Something breaks, and they think it will be magically cleaned up and fixed! i.e. (we do it.)
  • 14. You are in charge of calling relatives, sorting out birthday cards, and sorting out any flat issues.
  • 15. Agro who gets the TV as one wants to play Xbox and the other wants to watch TV.16. No matter when it is, never disrupt them when Football is one!
Living With a Boyfriend...
Boys being Boys
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Even Pancakes becomes a lad… So those are a small list of things we can somewhat relate to.. but at the end of the day, as much as we all have our differences and petty little habits. We all still have a substantial positive about living with the other half.

They know you, understand you and let you express yourself no matter how much it annoys one another. There are so many more ups to living with someone that most people take for granted.

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Traveling involves alot of work…

There Are Positive Points…

  • 1. Always someone to come home to; whether a good or bad day.
  • 2. Always there for a hug.
  • 3. Dinner is sometimes cooked…
  • 4. The smile on their face when you walk in, and they have cleaned the counter and vacuumed…
  • 5. The small treats and cheer-up surprises they leave around the house when they know you’ve had a bad day.
  • 6. Movie nights with junk food.
  • 7. Needing a shoulder to cry on.
  • 8. Someone to make you laugh.
  • 9. Always help through complex processes and sort them out with you. You are never alone.
  • 10. You find a dead mouse… They sometimes clean it up for you.
  • 11. They just love you for who you are! No matter how crazy you are.
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Friends in Spain
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This never changes.. There it is, the bunch of reasons why we need to live with them; relationships are not the highway and a bike path; it works both ways; everyone’s got their things, issues, and needs, but as a couple, you make it work, you learn to look past it, one person may have the annoying part of the relationship when the other just takes it on the chin.

What’s it like living with your other half?! I do have to say, living with my boyfriend Tom is the first boyfriend I’ve lived with and with knowing him for almost 6 years, it’s perfectly comfortable, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way!

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Although next time I buy him a frog before I go travelling and it suddenly dies, I would like to come home after 6 weeks and find it gone, not blown up and floating about for a whole time…ew…

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Skyping when traveling…asking how things work…
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The end of the day… They are in your life to make you laugh, happy and do something stupid..


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