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Gender equality has come a long way, but it’s still a widely man-led world. However, at present, women are no longer complacent and are ready to voice out their opinions about inequalities and injustices at any time.

It’s undoubtedly a challenge to carve your own way in a world built for men. But once you see how far you’ve come and know how much women before you have sacrificed to give you the freedom you have now, you’ll feel even more motivated to live up to their achievements. 

Giving Yourself What You Need to Inspire Women

You need to be brave to live in this world, but that doesn’t mean you have to be constantly vigilant against the opposite sex. Some inequalities are long ingrained into society that they somehow pass as normal. With the power you have, there are many things you can help change. You can take it easy by realizing the factors below. 

Give Yourself an Inch so You Can Go a Mile

Change happens whether or not you like it. Before you can change the world, you first must enhance yourself. You don’t have to be so strict as to subject yourself to military-like training. In this journey, you should remember to be kind to yourself. 


Self-improvement requires a head-strong mentality and fit physique, which you can achieve by boosting your health. By allowing yourself an inch, for instance, having a cheat day after a week of dieting, you’ll have more motivation to go on. Cutting yourself some slack is essential in your quest for self-betterment. 

Find the Balance Between Strict and Fun

There’s no appeal in an incredibly uptight lifestyle. If you want to influence other women, you have to be fun and show them the benefits you’re gaining. There’s always a balance in everything.

Once you find the key to pinpointing the middle ground, you can make other people see that change might be challenging. However, there’s more to gain along the journey than what they can lose. 


If you’re curating projects that mainly benefit women like Girl Rising and the WISE100 Awards, you can hold events that spotlight companies led by girls and females who lead industries. With this, you can encourage others to come out of their shells.

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Take Responsibility

You’re not here because you want to. You’ve probably asked a thousand times why you’re alive. While you do not exist of your own volition, it’s your responsibility to do good with your life. You can choose to waste your years traveling the worst roads there are, or you can spend your days for a cause that will go down in history. 

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Being responsible for yourself is the first step to taking on more significant roles in the future. You can start with your health. After searching for the perfect breading mix for fried chicken and indulging in a delicious lunch or dinner, you now must keep yourself on track by going for healthier meals and performing your fitness routines. Opening up to more opportunities is another thing that you owe to yourself. When you’re better, you can motivate others in more efficient ways.  

Grow Privately

There’s nothing wrong with telling a few chums about your plans or even broadcasting it to the world. But when you fail to achieve those, it might take a toll on your mental health and make your confidence dwindle. When you keep your plans to yourself, you get less pressure from the crowd. 

Growing in private might rob you of bragging rights. However, you also get to rebuild yourself away from everyone’s scrutiny, which is an underrated blessing these days. Energy is also a real thing. The truth is, not everyone wants you to succeed; that reality might affect your journey. If it’s not necessary or doesn’t affect them in any way, it’s better to realize your objectives alone.

Share Your Strength With Others

After honing yourself, and once you’re ready to help others on their journey, it’s high time for you to give back and contribute to a more significant cause. Like you, other women might also feel hesitant to muster up the courage to better themselves, especially if it involves stepping out of their comfort zones and breaking decades-long injustices. 

To help them, you must look back to your journey and source strength from the other people that inspired you to be better. If your experiences were the ones that sent you on this quest, then you can tell them about your journey, bear all your hardships and victories and assure them that while it is a road littered with challenges, there is a pot of gold waiting at the finish line. 

In a changing world, you might find yourself on an unstable perch. But when you know your worth and what more you can do, you can pioneer a movement to eliminate long-ingrained inequalities.

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