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Seven Months in the Making

Braw Bloggers threw a smash-hit event after spending seven months meticulously planning an evening filled with fun, unique experiences, and informative speaker panels and workshops [interlink Braw Bloggers to the Braw Bloggers website, if available].

Edinburgh Bloggers Instagram Event "Wows"

The Details

  • Date: April 5, 2018
  • Location: WHITESPACE
  • Theme: Capturing the Perfect Moment: An Evening of Essential Instagram Workshops
Event Program Instagram Whitespace

Geared Towards Success

This event, the first of its kind for Instagram users, offered workshops on all the crucial topics to help attendees elevate their Instagram presence. From getting started to mastering key tips and tricks and exploring creative avenues, the workshops catered to all experience levels.

Industry Experts Share Knowledge

The Braw Bloggers assembled a panel of distinguished speakers and hosts, all hailing from the professional industry and brimming with valuable knowledge and practical experience.

  • Host: Sarah Stenhouse from Pixey
  • Panel Speakers
    • Claudia Scott
    • Gavin Bell
    • Ruth MacGlip
    • Michael Ulloa

Delectable Delights

Food and drinks were plentiful, keeping the guests satiated and energised throughout the evening.

  • Catering: Edinburgh School Food & Wine provided a selection of delicious and healthy canapés.
  • Beverages: An open bar sponsored by Skinny Larger, Fentimens LTD, Brockmans Gin, Vive Protein water, and more ensured there was something to quench everyone’s thirst.
Braw Blogger Events - edinburgh bloggersedinburgh bloggers
whitespace venue

Creative Spark

Pixey Events Edinburgh

The organisers thoughtfully incorporated creative elements to enhance the guest experience.

  • Decor: Art supplies like paint brushes were available, adding a touch of artistic flair to the venue.
  • Sweet Treats: Attendees enjoyed an abundance of cookies, cakes, and sweets, with magazines supplied by DC Thomson to complete the delightful spread.
  • Bibi Bakery provided mouthwatering brownies, while Mademoiselle Macaroon tantalised taste buds with unique and delectable macarons for guests to take home.

Workshops: Mastering the Art of Instagram

Edinburgh School of Food and Wine
Edinburgh SChool Of Food and Wine
ESFW Edinburgh

The informative workshops delved into the essential aspects of Instagramming, equipping attendees with the necessary knowledge to succeed on the platform.

Edinburgh Bloggers Instagram Event "Wows"

A Glimpse into the Event

The article concludes by offering readers a sneak peek into the event’s atmosphere and mentioning access to recipes from Brockmans Gin. It also encourages readers to visit the Braw Bloggers website for more details, photos, press coverage, and vendor contacts.

Mlle_Macaron Edinburgh Bloggers Instagram Event "Wows"
fentimans Edinburgh Bloggers Instagram Event "Wows"
Skinny LargerEdinburgh Bloggers Instagram Event "Wows"
 Edinburgh Bloggers Instagram Event "Wows" frisky froyo
Bloggers' First Instagram Success: Perfect Moments Captured
Bloggers' First Instagram Success: Perfect Moments Captured
Bloggers' First Instagram Success: Perfect Moments Captured
Bloggers' First Instagram Success: Perfect Moments Captured
Bloggers' First Instagram Success: Perfect Moments Captured
Edinburgh Bloggers Instagram Event "Wows"
brockmans gin Edinburgh Bloggers Instagram Event "Wows"

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