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The urban style has only recently emerged, which makes perfect sense since it’s a culture that has emerged from large cities. It takes a long time for large cities to form and gather a fashion culture that is unique and separate from a particular city.

However, once something is clear, the central nerve that runs through the middle in the urban style is designed around some principles.

The Urban Style Is The Ultimate Scavenger

It must be comfortable and allow full mobility. These two are essential when you live in a capital city with millions of people.

Going into the city centre for work, hopping on rush-hour trains and buses, and navigating through hundreds of thousands of pedestrians, your clothes need to be rugged in the sense that however fast you move; they will keep up with you.

However, just like one would expect from a cosmopolitan culture, the urban style keeps evolving, and some would say, doesn’t even have a definitive look.

Denim plays a significant role, but so does leather. On the other hand, depending on the season, the urban style incorporates dresses, heels, shorts, hats, and cute t-shirts. Feel lost and in need of inspiration?

The go-between dress

Dresses are part of the formal way of dressing for women; however, just like the proper attire for men, they have been created in more casual styles.

For men, shirts and blazers have been made into everyday wear because if you want to look sharp but not go over the top just for your casual wear, you have to approach it differently.

Three main options for the dress have appeared over the years. The first was the maxi dress simply too long and loose to be considered suitable for city life.

The mini dress was a little too short and tight for waking up and putting on for work, as you can imagine. So the go-between was wholly accepted by the urban sprawl and is now called the midi dress.

Urban Style

The midi dress can come in literally countless styles. It’s perhaps one of the most versatile clothing items in all women’s fashion. Even though a midi dress and a shirt dress have some things in common, they are not the same thing. Both are great choices for city life. The midi dress has some principles for how it should look.

Urban Style

However, you can point out the two main things: it should at least be down to knee height but no longer than the small of your leg, and it must be streamlined, i.e., figure-hugging.

As you can see, it scavenges ideas from both the maxi and the mini, making for a practical dress that can be worn in the hustle and bustle of a modern metropolitan city.

We all know that jean is genuinely at home in an urban environment by mixing tops with jeans. But, what kind of tops in the urban style goes well with jeans of all cuts?

The Urban Style Is The Ultimate Scavenger

The long sleeve t-shirt is a safe bet because it’s simple, practical, and allows for a lot of design and style experimentation. However, it would help if you stuck to greys, whites, and blues as the primary color for the authentic urban look. Feel free to be eclectic with the designs, but the canvas for your inspiration should be in a darker color. A white draped trench coat worn with a flared-hem tank top was one of the styles seen on Stylinity.

Straight-leg jeans add more length to the outfit and compliment the loose trench coat. You can get inspiration from many ordinary women styling the urban look as precisely as it is in cities like London and New York.

You can click on one of the outfits you like, be immediately shown what the woman pictured is wearing, and even get coupons for the clothes themselves.

Boots/heels made for walking?

One thing to note about the urban style is that, in many respects, it is defiant. On paper, it wouldn’t make sense for certain fashion items and techniques to existing comfortably in such an enormous urban sprawl.

However, where there is a will, there’s a way, and women that live in the city have taken no for an answer and decided to incorporate clothes that wouldn’t fit after some changes. For example, it would make sense to wear flat shoes when walking up to 1 or 2 miles in a working day.

You’re catching trains and walking up and down long high streets. However, boots have remained at the forefront of urban fashion.

Urban Style

One of the styles is the edgy boot. Sharp and triangular at the tip, high-quality leather and brass buttons to tighten it around your foot make for a perfect urban shoe. It also has a thick but slightly tall heel while wrapping around your ankle.

Gothic boots have made a big comeback and can now be worn in suede rather than leather. They are a more brutal, more masculine footwear style, hence why the urban woman can now get it in a softer material.

The stiletto has been given a slightly subdued look in the modern age, as this pointed ankle boot can also be worn in suede. The heels are also broader and somewhat shorter than in previous decades.

However, steel zips make them easy to put on and take off. Many practical questions have been asked and answered about boots and heels. The modern urban style wants to be just as valuable as fashionable, hence these subtle changes.

Urban Style

The urban style is the ultimate scavenger. It takes many things from different types and shapes them accordingly to the life and fashion desires of those living in a concrete jungle.

Fashion and practical needs go hand in hand, and this is why the midi dress is so popular among the chic class sat in coffee shops in capital cities.

However, mixing different tops with jeans has become the main focal point, as jeans are rugged and comfortable so looking good is a top priority.

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