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As summer closes, you might be thinking about changing your wardrobe. Yet cash is tight for many right now. So here’s how you can save money on Autumn fashion.

Shop Online for Savvy Deals

Online shopping is just as fun as visiting a store, and 80% of people regularly buy online. Clothes shopping is one of the best pastimes for many women.

You can get together with friends or enjoy a solo shopping spree. Yet, while you can’t try on clothing, your favourite online clothing outlet store may let you try it at home with generous returns policies. However, these often come with T&Cs. So always check first.

Further, online stores always hold sales, and you can even use apps to find the best deals, getting cashback and alerting you to sales. 

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Save Money on Autumn Fashion with Summer Pieces

Summer is ending. But you probably spent a ton on your new wardrobe for the season. So you might want to make the most of it. And while the temperature drops in autumn, it generally stays warm enough to wear some of your summer clothes.

Of course, a mini-skirt and halter won’t do as the leaves begin to fall. But you can continue to get some use out of cropped jeans and thin sweaters. Until Halloween, you can still get some life out of your summer wardrobe. And you can buy summer clothes at a discount when autumn arrives.

Accessorise with Winter Stuff

You don’t need to spend too much or anything on autumn fashion until the season is in full swing. Before it gets too cold, you can accessorize with winter items when you require a coat.

For example, if it becomes too chilly for a skirt and t-shirt, dig out an appropriately coloured scarf or shawl. Doing this will extend the life of your summer clothes, giving you longer to save for autumn clothing or find the best deals. And don’t forget your shoes.

Autumn typically brings more rain, meaning wedges aren’t an option. Yet ankle boots are a little warmer.


Take Care of Your Stuff for a Longer Life

Of course, one of the best ways to save money is to look after your clothing. Being seasonal, you can limit the use of specific items, potentially getting years out of them. Some of the easiest and most effective ways to care for clothing and accessories include the following:

  • Hand individual garments on the appropriate hangers.
  • Store accessories such as watches and rings in boxes and cases.
  • Invest in a makeup box for your most used or expensive.
  • Wash garments according to the label instructions and consider dry cleaning.
  • Use tricks like using a lint roller for hairs and debris or spraying with Febreze.
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The correct storage and cleaning of clothes are essential, especially for more expensive pieces. Hangers and racks are great for clothing.

At the same time, you can protect your valuables like jewellery in appropriate cases. And keeping clothing clean and fresh will reduce the need to wash them.

Look for Seasonal Sales

Clothing stores offer last season’s fashion at a considerable discount as they look to get rid of their stock. This is a great way to shop for the following year. However, it’s not uncommon for retailers to also hold a limited sale on the new season’s fashion.

If you spot one of these sales, you can stock up on the latest fashion with discounts of up to 20%. Of course, you have to be quick to get what you want.

It helps to have cash rather than using credit cards. Or you’re just adding bills to your budget. Perhaps squirrel some money away during the summer.

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Use a Smaller Closet to Save Money on Autumn Fashion

Dieticians use an old trick to get people to eat less when they need to lose weight. And it’s so simple it’s almost laughable. Well, it would be if it didn’t work. All you do is serve your food on smaller plates. That’s it. Your brain is tricked into thinking you have the food you want and eat less. It’s actually how all-you-can-eat buffets make their profit.

So you can apply the same principle to your clothes shopping this autumn. If you are on a budget, use a smaller wardrobe and carefully consider your ability to store your garments when you buy them.

Prioritize Spending Amounts

Not all clothes are made equally. And neither are the costs. However, some things are worth paying much for rather than buying cheap. For example, cheap shoes don’t usually last a few wearings, and you must replace them.

So, in the long run, you spend more than you would if you just bought a quality, more expensive pair in the first place. On the other hand, some garments don’t require more money. For example, a shawl, scarf or even jeans and tops will likely last a while, even if they are cheaper.


You can save money on autumn fashion in several ways. You can shop online for deals. Taking care of your clothes will make them last longer, and prioritize spending for individual items.

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