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Most people think that men’s fashion is a lot simpler than women’s. That’s probably because there are more fashion magazines dedicated to women but the idea that men’s fashion is just based on a couple of simple trends isn’t true.

Men’s fashion has evolved just as much as women’s fashion and there are a lot of exciting new trends out there.

This false view of men’s fashion has also led to many myths and bad advice that men still follow. But when people listen to these false fashion tips, it limits their choices, which is why many men are afraid to take risks with their fashion.

Busting those myths is the key to creating more exciting outfits for men. These are the biggest men’s fashion myths and why they aren’t true.

3 Myths About Men's Fashion That You Should Stop Listening To...

Men Should Play It Safe

People’s biggest misconception about men’s fashion is that they should play it safe. The jeans and blazer combo for a smart casual look is about as adventurous as it should get.

3 Myths About Men's Fashion That You Should Stop Listening To...

That might have been the case in the past, but now more men are experimenting with new styles. Don’t get caught up with a preconceived idea of what men’s fashion should look like, just find your own inspiration and try some different things out.

Some won’t work, but some will look great; that’s how you find your unique style.

Men Should Stick To Basic Accessories

Accessorising properly is a cornerstone of women’s fashion, and it’s a great way to take a fairly dull outfit and turn it into something special.

But when it comes to men’s fashion, people think that watches and ties are the only accessories that men should use.

But that’s not true at all, and accessories are just as valuable for men as women. For example, scarves and pocket squares can accent a nice suit. Some fantastic companies, such as John Henric, offer a wide range of men’s accessories.

It’s just a case of trying some out and working out what pairs well together. Men’s fashion is a lot braver and bolder than it was in the past so you can experiment with accessories and still look fashionable.

3 Myths About Men's Fashion That You Should Stop Listening To...

Men Should Never Wear Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are always considered a woman’s style and men are often warned to steer clear of them entirely. But if you use them right, they can actually look great on men.

The rule is a hangover from outdated gender expectations and, in the past, men may have worried about other men considering them too feminine.

But it’s 2018 now, and I think we can leave that behind. The rules are the same for men as they are for women; floral patterns can look good but only in moderation, if you go overboard then the outfit won’t work, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.

Floral ties matched with a black suit are one great example of how to use those bolder patterns without making it overbearing.

3 Myths About Men's Fashion That You Should Stop Listening To...

All of the old fashion rules for men have gone out the window. Don’t let these myths hold you back, just find your style and roll with it.

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