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In case you haven’t heard, I like to swim! The therapeutic mindset of being in the water makes people feel like they are floating effortlessly and beautifully. During her week-long trip to Malta, my mom and I had a wonderful time together.

By the end of August, most people had made their way back to their respective homes and/or schools. As a result, things begin to calm down.

comino hotel punk rock princess malta

Even though the island is so tiny, we always go away when she’s over, but it’s fun to get away, feel pampered, and stress-free!

Last time we headed to Mellieha for a long weekend of chilling by the water and digging into sunset meals!

comino hotel punk rock princess malta

Forward, For those of you who don’t know, Malta is famous for its crystal clear waters, i.e. the Blue Lagoon. I went there with work, and wow, what a paradise!

A mixture for me between Asia and Africa! So I suggested we stay at the Comino Hotel only hotel on the island of Comino, which is a 20-minute boat ride.

Now you might be getting confused. There’s Malta and Gozo, but in the middle is a tiny island called Comino. There are day trips there, but one hotel.

comino hotel punk rock princess malta
comino hotel punk rock princess malta

On arrival, the boat stops at the hotel reception, the Blue Lagoon on the other side of the island, you pass all the tourist boats heading back to Malta while we run around the corner to this hidden resort.

comino hotel

Check-in and a complimentary tropical drink.

We booked two nights before arriving, which was extremely fortunate because we had contacted the hotel asking for last-minute dropouts, etc.; as you can imagine, we booked far in advance!

comino hotel punk rock princess malta
comino hotel punk rock princess malta

So we stayed for a long weekend. The hotel boat to pick us up from Criwaankia (Gozo Channel) is honest and reliable.

comino hotel punk rock princess malta
comino hotel punk rock princess malta

The staff were ever so friendly and helpful, and things to do on the island involved. We are spending the day relaxing on the private beach and popping over to Blue Lagoon to see the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters.

The Comino Hotel is a hidden treasure, with a choice of staying at the hotel or taking a little path over to the bungalows. A Few Places on the Island To Visit!

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