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There are so many celebrities putting a documentary about their life and ups and downs to their fame and success from Katy Perry: Part of Me to Tupac: Resurrection. Recently Netflix released the latest of Taylor Swift. (Taylor Swift: Miss Americana) going behind the scenes of intimate details on her life, on and off stage.

Taylor Swift. (Taylor Swift: Miss Americana) Netflix Documentary

Officially released 31st January 2020. This documentary directed by Lana Wilson who was nominated for Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary Feature brings out this feeling of what it feels like emotionally to be in the footsteps of a superstar.

Miss Americana starts with a 13-year-old Taylor Swift’s first diary, which has the words “my life … my career … my dream … my reality”

Opening up about diet, working with celebrities, coming from nothing to the spotlight and health. “during a transformational period in her life as she learns to embrace her role not only as a songwriter and performer but as a woman harnessing the full power of her voice.

Taylor Swift. (Taylor Swift: Miss Americana) Netflix Documentary
Taylor Swift. (Taylor Swift: Miss Americana) Netflix Documentary

“You can’t control your reputation. You think you can by striving to do and be good, but people are hard to win over now and with good reason.” Taylor.

From her year in the woods after the negativity and backlash, she had to reset everything, music is all she felt she had and twitter haters just killed her. After a while out the spotlight when the winds of pop culture temporarily stopped blowing her way around the release of her contentious 2017 album Reputation, part of her crumbled in response. Some celebrities get “frozen at the age they get famous—and that’s kinda what happened to me,” notes Swift toward the documentary’s end.

A must watch!

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