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Oh, musicians. They’re a special breed, aren’t they? With their mysterious little habits and a lifestyle that’s a blend of endless passion and perpetual coffee consumption.

If you’ve ever spent time with a musician, you’ll know they do things that mere mortals can’t comprehend. It’s not their fault they’re wired differently – or is it? Let’s tune into the quirky symphony that is a musician’s life.

18 Things Only Musicians Do

1. Hear the World as an Endless Stream of Samples

Every sound a musician hears is potential material. The clink of a coffee mug, the rhythmic hum of a printer, the din of city traffic – it’s all fair game. They’ll whip out their phone faster than a Gunslinger at noon to record a squeaky gate because, “That’s the perfect sound for my new track, bro.”

2. Carry an Instrument Like a Security Blanket

Have you ever seen someone walking down the street with a guitar on their back, a drumstick in their pocket, or a harmonica in their hand? That’s a musician. They can’t help it. The thought of being more than an arm’s reach away from their beloved instrument causes them physical pain.

3. Spend More on Gear Than on Rent

man in denim jacket playing electric guitar

Yes, that $3,000 guitar was essential. No, it doesn’t matter that they live in a one-room apartment with questionable plumbing. Priorities, people! Plus, they needed that loop pedal because Ed Sheeran has one. It’s all for the art, don’t you know!

4. Have More Unfinished Songs Than the Library of Congress

Every musician has a digital graveyard of unfinished symphonies. It’s like a musical purgatory where half-written verses and chorus-less tracks float around, waiting for the divine inspiration that will probably never come.

5. Talk in a Secret Code

To the uninitiated, musicians might as well be speaking an ancient dialect. “The track needs more compression,” they’ll say, “Let’s take it from the bridge after the second chorus.” And don’t get me started on time signatures. Playing in 7/8 time is not a ploy to mess with the heads of non-musical folk. Who knew?

6. Obsess Over Vintage Anything

If it’s old, it’s gold. Musicians will go to great lengths to find that 1960s compressor or a vintage mic that John Lennon once coughed on. They’ll insist the crackles and pops add “character” to their sound. It’s not noise; it’s nostalgia.

7. Develop Bizarre Superstitions and Rituals

woman playing guitar while singing

Musicians often have strange rituals before they perform. Whether it’s doing vocal warm-ups that sound like an exorcism or wearing the same “lucky” shirt to every gig, they’ll do anything to appease the music gods for a stellar performance.

8. The Eternal Quest for the Perfect Tone

They can spend hours tweaking knobs on amps, pedals, and mixing boards in pursuit of “the tone” – a mythical sound they’ve heard in their heads since they first picked up their instrument. Spoiler: The tone does not exist. But don’t tell them that.

9. Name Their Instruments

Meet Clara the Clarinet, Gary on the Guitar, and Peter on the Piano. It’s normal to name your instruments and talk to them. They’re part of the family. And yes, they have personalities. Obviously.

18 Things Only Musicians Do

10. Use Their Case as a Makeshift Table

A musician’s case isn’t just for their instrument; it’s a multi-functional piece of furniture. It has been a dinner table, a seat, a footrest, and a pillow. And let’s not forget, it’s a makeshift billboard plastered with stickers from every dive bar they’ve played in.

11. Argue About Who’s Better: The Beatles or The Stones

This debate is as old as time, and every musician has a passionate opinion. They’ll fight to the death, arguing why their pick epitomises musical innovation. Spoiler: It never resolves.

12. Get Lost in the Gear Vortex

Have you ever seen a musician walk into a music store? They’re like kids in a candy shop, except the candy costs thousands of dollars, and they can’t just eat it and forget about it. They’ll talk shop with the staff for hours, only to walk out with a pack of strings and a renewed sense of gear lust.

13. Experience an Emotional Rollercoaster While Writing

One minute, they’re the reincarnation of Mozart, birthing harmonies that’ll make the angels weep. The next minute, they’re convinced they’re tone-deaf hacks. It’s a wild ride.

woman in orange tank top holding brown wooden drum stick

14. Be Perpetually Broke but Somehow Afford New Gear

The math never adds up. The Bank account says ‘no’, but somehow, their equipment is always up at rehearsals. They’ll eat ramen for weeks to afford that new effects processor.

15. Play Air Instruments…Expertly

A musician will start air-drumming or -guitaring without even realizing it. And they’re darn good at it, too. Who needs a real instrument when you can nail that solo in thin air?

16. The Never-Ending Sound Check

To the audience, it’s a simple “Check, one, two.” To the musician, it’s a meticulous quest to ensure the snare has the right amount of snap and the bass doesn’t sound underwater. The sound check can last an eternity; some swear they’ve aged a year between the “check” and the “two.”

17. Hoarding Cables Like Doomsday Preppers

person reading musical note

The average musician has enough cables to rappel down the Grand Canyon. They’ve got backups for their backups, and some of those cords haven’t seen the light of day since the Y2K scare. But ask them to part with one, and you’ll see a grown adult clutch cables like Gollum with his precious.

18. The Mystical Art of ‘Feeling’ the Music

Musicians can close their eyes and sway as if they’ve been transported to another dimension. They’re not just playing music but feeling it, riding each note like a surfer on a wave. To them, it’s a transcendent experience. To others, they might just be battling a mild case of vertigo.

So next time you see a musician getting lost in their own world, nod respectfully. They’re doing the hard work of making life sound much less boring – one quirky habit at a time. And if you’re a musician reading this, go ahead and embrace your unique ways. The world wouldn’t spin right without your offbeat rhythm keeping time.

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