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Kids often attend weddings with their parents. But they can also be a menace for whoever is in charge of keeping them in check during the occasion.

How To Keep Children Entertained At A Wedding

Wedding sermons can be such a drag sometimes that kids will drift into boredom really quickly. When that happens, they’ll look for alternative ways to keep themselves happy – and there’s no telling what they can do.

How To Keep Children Entertained At A Wedding

Entertainment is an excellent way to keep them in check and under control for the entire duration. The following are some great ways to keep children entertained at a wedding

Create a designated kids’ area

A designated kids’ area is one effective option for keeping the little ones out of the way. This area can be close enough to the action so they can still enjoy the wedding procession but far enough so they don’t become a nuisance.

Where necessary, you can choose a separate room in the venue or opt for a corner in the reception area. Fill this area with toys, appropriate games, colour books, healthy sweets, and anything else that can help keep them preoccupied and entertained.

How To Keep Children Entertained At A Wedding

But don’t leave them unattended; have a responsible adult around to supervise and engage with them. You can hire a professional sitter (preferably someone not interested in the wedding ceremony) to care for them so that you can focus on the wedding. 

Set up amusement rides

Kids can easily get restless and bored at weddings. If you expect the ceremony to drag for hours, setting up a couple of amusement rides is one fun way to entertain them. They’ll hardly realise how long the wedding is if they’re having fun elsewhere.

How To Keep Children Entertained At A Wedding

You can get different types of amusement rides for hire and have them installed next to the wedding reception area to provide a fun escape for the children.

But make sure you have enough space at the venue first. These rides will also offer a great photo opportunity, allowing you to capture the laughter, joy, and sheer delight of the kids during the wedding.

Hire an entertainment professional

A babysitter isn’t the only professional you can hire. Consider bringing professional entertainers to perform for the kids while the babysitter keeps them in check. Most kids love party clowns, magicians, balloon artists, and face painters.

These experts can put on captivating shows and mesmerise their minds with their artistry and performance. Any adult who can entertain kids can be a great (and free) alternative, so feel free to consider this.

Set up a colouring competition

Get enough crayons, colour pencils, markers, colour books, and drawing sheets before the wedding to engage the kids in a colouring competition when things get boring. They can compete with each other to see who does the best artwork.

How To Keep Children Entertained At A Wedding

You can even ask them to draw and colour different aspects of the wedding event or anything else they prefer, so keep this in mind. That should keep them excited and occupied while the event proceeds.

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