Your skin naturally begins to repair itself in the evening, which is why your nighttime skincare routine should be something you pay special attention to.

If your skin happens to look flaky or dull then make sure that you have an exfoliator on this list. Here is the best order that you can put your skincare products into, to make sure that you really get the most of them.

A Guide to Basic Skincare: What You'll Need

y to just do the daytime routine, repeated in the evening. This is a huge mistake, although anything your skin gets in the evening, is a bonus, there should be some slight variations to what you do. And one of the biggest differences is any daytime routine should have an SPF.

Double Cleanse

It is no longer just enough to use a single gentle cleanser. In order to really lift all of the dirt, grime, and dissolve that makeup, you need to use an oil cleaner first.

You will see that it will lift everything in double-quick time. And do most of the heavy lifting. After that, use a regular cleanser to pick up the rest.



If you use a toner in the morning, use it now too. But here is also where you should add any mists, essences, and beautiful waters.

Anything hydrating and lightweight will go into this second step. If you use more than one, apply toner first and then your essence.

Eye Cream

You ideally need to apply eye cream twice a day, but if you’re skipping the morning, you can’t skip the evening. It will ensure that the skin around your eyes is healthy, hydrated, and supple.



It is now time for peels, serums and creams. This is for targeted skincare. Anything prescription, retinol creams, exfoliating treatments like peel pads or masks, and anti-ageing serums.

Space these out over the week instead of using everything daily. It can often irritate skin when overused.

When it comes to clay masks, exfoliating treatments, or any acids typically between once and three times a week is more than enough.

Hydrating masks

If your skin is dry, or a combination with dry you’re probably going to want to add a hydrating cream mask or face oil.

Typically both of these products are quite mild and can be used as often as you need. These are designed to give you an extra boost of hydration.


The moisturiser used in the day and the moisturiser used at night should be different. Day moisturisers are typically thinner and more quickly absorbed, night moisturiser or night creams are heavier and thicker. Night creams are designed to be absorbed over the course of several hours.

They create a protective coating on the skin to help prevent water evaporation while you’re sleeping. And it helps to lock all of the goodness that you’ve just done.

Keeping a high water content for your skin is key for healing and maintaining that healthy glow. If you’re using the right moisturiser, it will be your last step because there will be nothing to get through it.


Every step of your routine needs to have the time to absorb into the skin. So the more simple your skincare routine is, the easier it is to do in a rush. Most products will say that you should wait anywhere between five and 30 minutes before the next step to allow proper absorption.

But if you don’t have time for that, you need to make sure that the products that you choose are quick absorption.


In general, when you are using your skincare for your face, most of that should be extended down to the neck, and décolletage.

If you are often missing out your neck, you are going to find that all of the good work that shows on your face and your neck will give you away. It is often the case that people will consider and neck lift to help them out with this issue.


Just try to remember when you are massaging your creams using a jade roller, any other kind of tools use them on the neck too.

And finally, all of your good work will go to waste if you are not taking care of your body too. We need to have enough water in our daily lives to support our skin in doing all of that rejuvenating and repairing. All of the night creams in the world will not help if you aren’t already supplying your cells with enough moisture.

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