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Penn Badgley will return for the fourth season of You as Professor Jonathan Moore. Season 4 will air in February and March 2023.

Joe Goldberg's new name in Season 4? All about Penn Badgley's Netflix thriller

Netflix’s trailer shows Badgley with a beard and headgear. “I’m not the lovely New York bookshop manager, LA shop clerk, or suburban husband,” he says.

You are a psychological thriller based on Caroline Kepnes’s works. Badgley’s Joe Goldberg, a serial killer, got fascinated with numerous women over two seasons before settling down with the second.

Joe Goldberg's new name in Season 4? All about Penn Badgley's Netflix thriller

Multiple cliffhangers ended Season 3 of You. Season 4 is anticipated due to the name change and Goldberg’s journey from Paris to London.

Penn Badgley’s name change from Joe Goldberg to Jonathan Moore is a significant turning point in a show about a man fleeing his past. A name change and a new job have increased the season’s mystery. Did Joe get a new credential between seasons 3 and 4? Fans must wait.

3rd season Joe and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) moved to Madre Linda, California, to raise Henry. Joe and Love were able to get over their pasts, with Joe seeking to better himself for his kid before meeting Marianne.

Joe’s obsession with Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) included divorcing Love. Joe’s ideas sparked a personal conflict between the divorced couple. Love decided to approach Joe and Marianne herself.

While Love and Marienne reconciled, Joe killed Love and abandoned Henry to Dante and Lansing. Joe left for Paris because Marienne stated she’d be there with her daughter.


“Greetings. Crossing the pond refined me. London has helped me bury the past. Unrequited love and longing are history. No, I’m focusing on academics and teaching while keeping my extracurricular activities professional.”

The teaser showed a slew of new characters with names, suggesting Jonathan’s social status had risen.


“With high-profile pals, others try to climb the social ladder. Some may fall/be pushed. Social oblivion Who by?” You series info
Caroline Kepnes’ You, Hidden Bodies, and You Love Me inspired the Netflix series. Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble adapted it. The first season began with Joe’s fascination with Guinevere Beck.

In season 2, Joe moves to a new city and obsesses with Love Quinn. Things with Love worked out, leading to the start of season 3, but last season Joe became obsessed with a new woman. In 2021, Season 3 premiered.

Joe Goldberg's new name in Season 4? All about Penn Badgley's Netflix thriller

Season 4 will premiere in two parts next year. Part two will release on Netflix on March 10, 2023, a month after part one.

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