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Some people may find it upsetting that this article discusses murder and sexual assault.

Monster Dahmer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is the most recent Netflix show based on a real crime. It’s only been out for a few days, but it’s already the most popular thing on the site. People are also looking for the real story of Dahmer and want to know how he died.

What The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix doesn't say about his death
Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer, or the “Milwaukee Cannibal,” as he was later called, was the subject of Ryan Murphy’s latest true crime drama. He killed 17 men and boys, most of whom were black, Asian, or Latino. Between 1978 and 1991, when he was finally caught, the murders took place.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s life is told in “Monster Dahmer,” which ends with Christopher Scarver, another prisoner, killing him. But the Netflix show didn’t show much of what happened before Dahmer died or how he died.

Who is Christopher Scarver?

According to reports, Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer while they were both inmates at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin.

Scarver was born in 1969, and he dropped out of high school. At the Wisconsin Conservation Corps, he was learning to be a carpenter, and his supervisor, Edward Patts, told him that he would have a job when he finished.

Patts was fired before he could hire Scarver, even though he had said he would. Scarver, who had been drinking a lot and smoking pot for the past few years, went to the training centre to talk to the staff when he found out he wouldn’t get the job.

What The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix doesn't say about his death

At the center, he met Steve Lohman, 27, and John Feyen, the site manager. He pointed a gun at Lohman and told him to give him money. When Scarver was only given $15, he shot Lohman three times in the head.

Feyen then gave Scarver $3,000 and his credit card to ensure he was safe. After Scarver left the center, he was caught and put in jail.

How did Jeffrey Dahmer die?

As mentioned in Monster Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer was killed by Christopher Scarver, who was also in prison at the same time.

On November 28, 1994, Dahmer, Jesse Anderson, and Scarver were all on cleaning duty. Furly Mac plays Scarver in the Netflix show.

The three of them were left alone for 20 minutes, and during that time, Scarver beat Dahmer to death with a prison weight bar. Then he attacked Anderson, who had been found guilty of killing his wife, and killed him.

What The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix doesn't say about his death

Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer, but why?

After Dahmer and Anderson were killed, many people thought Scarver killed them because of their race since most of Dahmer’s victims were black. Anderson had first led the police in the wrong direction when he said that two Black men killed his wife.

But detectives looking into Anderson and Dahmer’s deaths disagreed with this theory. In an interview with the New York Post in 2015, Scarver said he killed Dahmer because he thought he would never be sorry for his actions.

What The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix doesn't say about his death

He told the newspaper, “He went too far with some people, including prisoners and prison staff.” Some people in jail are sorry for what they did, but Dahmer was not one of them.

Scarver, however, had never talked to Dahmer until he killed him.

What happened to Christopher Scarver?

When this was written, Scarver was still in prison in Centennial, Colorado. He has schizophrenia, is very religious, and has written and published two books of poetry.

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