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As we had originally believed, each and every one of us can relate to this. Feeling disgusted and bewildered by your clothing choices in the 2000s. That’s right; we have, but I guarantee you that if you fast forward ten years, we’ll be doing the exact same thing. Watch these clips from the 2000s and relive some great times!

1. Massive Belts

Ten years ago, most of us shared a Texan outlook: the bigger, the better. It was important that the belt’s width be comparable to that of a corset, and that the buckle look like that worn by a wrestling champion.

2. Chockers

Yes, they are coming back and have been back for a while!

4. Chunky highlights, aka zebra head

5. Dresses over Jeans

Bonus points for flare jeans!

9. Juicy Couture velour sweatsuits/tracksuits

If you aren’t sure, then watch The OC or Real Housewives.

10. Uggs

(Which goes with everything) I can’t complain; I still use mine! Simple, makes you feel cha-ching, even though you’re not and everyone has a pair.

2000 fashion girls

11. Long sweater-jacket thing

2000 fashion girls

12. Vertical-stripe flare pants

2000 fashion girls

13. Flip phones or sidekicks

If you had one of these, you were by far the coolest person around, you knew your gadgets!

2000 fashion girls

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