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How to Choose the Right Breed of Dog for your Familydog

Bitten By A Pet Dog Around Your Friend’s House?

Going over to a friend’s house is entirely normal. Getting ready for the night together, having some drinks before a party, or hanging out is nothing unusual. You know they have a pet dog, and you’ve been around a few times, so it’s reasonably familiar to you. Growing up in Vietnam, we had a cute …

How to Choose the Right Breed of Dog for your FamilyHaving your pooch trained is always a good idea regardless of whether you're going to make an Instagram account for them

Pampering Your Pooch So Their Instagram Account Explodes

We’ve all seen the Instagram accounts for people’s pets, but let’s face it, the dog accounts are generally more popular-and who doesn’t love seeing regular updates about a super cute dog and his/her antics? Everyone is hitting the craze at the moment, and some accounts are more popular than others. Ever wondered why? There is …

Should You Bring Your Dog On Vacation?Should You Bring Your Dog On Vacation?

When Could Your Dog Have To Deal With The Law?

The idea of a pet having to go through a legal procedure is something most people would laugh at. Without the ability to understand the implications of their actions, the dog you know, and love shouldn’t have to answer to the law, even in situations where they have done something wrong. In reality, though, your …