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Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary in Mellieha is a safe place for every abandoned or neglected dog. Currently hosting around 100 tetrapods, all neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and grateful.

You can show them some love by donation, adoption or something as simply as visiting them in the sanctuary, every day between 8:30 & 11:30 a.m.

Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary malta

The whole story started when the former scuba-diving instructor, – Fabio Ciappara, – spotted an emaciated dog in a terrible condition. The animal was barely able to walk, starved. An ex-instructor and future founder of Dog Sanctuary rescued the doomed creature and then found her a loving home.

Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary

This experience took Fabio a step forward and since 2004 with the whole team of volunteers, they are fighting against dog abandonment by providing medical care and comfortable living conditions.

Also, they are searching for a new, joyful home for every doggy from Noah’s Ark shelter.

Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary

What is essential, the Dog Sanctuary relies only on charitable contributions, financed by private individuals. Every small donation, suitable bedding, collars, or food is like the purest gold for them.

Also, remember the incredible volunteers who visit the shelter every day to provide necessary help for their furry friends.

Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary

To sum up, Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary is a unique spot in Malta. One hundred happy dogs in one place, with a bright chance for a new family. Tell your friends about this shelter and show some kindness for their habitats with paws!

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