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While cats, dogs, fish, and reptiles still typically take the top spot for great pets, horses are in a league of their own. They have always been a much sought-after pet because they are stunning, and when trained correctly, they are gentle giants.

What Makes Horses So Wonderful?

But what makes them so enjoyable?


While they might not be the easiest companion to look after, they aren’t difficult either. Horses are a big commitment, and their clean stables are just the tip of the iceberg.

You will need to muck out the stables daily, make sure there is fresh water, food, and bedding – which is pretty straightforward.

Their living arrangements will be something you need to really consider before you choose your new best friend, though. Vale stables are the standard that you’d be looking for.

What Makes Horses So Wonderful?


Dogs and cats are known for being a little bit of magic while they are here. But some pups don’t see beyond 8 years of age. Horses are much closer to lifelong friends.

The average lifespan of a healthy horse is somewhere between 25 and 30 years. Some breeds do vary, and what the horse’s life is like will change this too. The bond you have with a horse after 20 years is something that might not be easily put into words.


Horses have a lot of personalities, and they aren’t afraid to show it either. They are playful and energetic by nature, and it pays if you are that type of person too.

Horses are more like humans in the way that they have very different personalities, and a single owner could raise 5 horses, and they would each be distinct. The quirks are what make them so unique.

What Makes Horses So Wonderful?


You might naturally be pretty introverted, which is why horses have drawn your interest. But they are pretty social creatures and can help you with your social circle too.

Horse owners are dedicated and a particular type of person. That is why you will find many horse riding clubs, owners, meetings, and groups as well as shows and competitions. You can go out for a daily hack with friends, or for a long ride with a group.

Horse clubs are also great for people who are still looking to improve their knowledge of horses and the best places to buy things like jackets, shoes, and bedding.


Keeping fit isn’t just about losing weight. Maintaining horses in clean and happy conditions takes a considerable amount of stamina.

So naturally, your fitness levels will rise pretty quickly with that alone. Then, add the core strength and endurance you’ll find will improve speedily when you start riding.

It is a fantastic all-body workout. But it’s the ability to explore nature while getting fit, alongside your best friends, that makes horse riding the exercise for people who don’t love the idea of exercise.

What Makes Horses So Wonderful?

Horses are a big commitment, and it is often a great idea to head to a local horse sanctuary or a stable to ask to help for a while. Having hands-on experience will make your horse-owning journey even more enjoyable.

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