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Some of you might already know half of these hacks, but just a little quick blog to show you what you can actually do at the airport that doesn’t involve any money and entertainment to make your waiting time go faster.

airport hacks

1. Netflix

A lot of people I know were unaware that you’re able to do this with Netflix, if you head towards the app on your phone you can actually download some movies which you don’t need Wi-Fi for When downloaded. You only have them for a certain amount of time depending on the movie of your choice, not all of the shows are downloadable but it’s super easy.

I download rather a few, but once you start watching it does tell you how long you have left, kinda like a timer. It doesn’t take up your space as much as other Apple or android videos. Here is what you do!

netflix account
netflix account
netflix account
netflix account
netflix account
netflix account
netflix account
netflix account

2. Food and Drinks

This being one of the main issues, it’s so frustrating when you’re stuck in an airport, and your flight gets delayed, or just, in general, you are hungry (I mean, come on, we are only human!) So what do you think to do…(want something to nibble on) but you go to WHSmith or another store to grab a packet of crisps which would, in theory, be about 70p in a local supermarket but at the airport, you are looking at taking out a LOAN! What’s even more annoying is that many of us are students going home or, in general, want some water! Or a free BIG Breakfast – I mean, come on we aren’t asking for much 🙂


​​Prior to flying make sure you grab yourself a meal deal or some crisps, fruit and just load up your hand luggage with that, (Prior to arriving) well minus the drinks. Also if you want to be super cheap, grab an empty bottle of water, Most airports have Fountains where you’re able to fill up your water bottle.


So many times at the airport and there is a limited time on how long you can use the Internet for, this is what gets so frustrating!You’re able to pay for further Internet usage but by the time you do it’s time to board. or something else happens such as your phone all of a sudden dies.


Many airports ask you to supply an email address after the two were three hours are up and you’re still waiting to board or the flight has been delayed simply log out of the assigned server prior to being cut off and simply signing with a new email address you may have or even a friend back home. This will then restart you back from the very beginning. But you have to remember to log out before you’re kicked out.

4. Queuing

This is my never quite understood things. Are you want those people that the minute they say boarding soon, you’re standing in the queue for over 45 minutes to an hour at the gate. At the end of the day, you’re all getting on the plane or going to the same place, and it’s not going anywhere without you.


Simply just sit at the chair and wait for the last remaining passengers to get on and which afterwards with no hassle a rush for people throwing suitcases all over the place and getting to their seats you simply walking feeling like a boss.


5. Smoking

I know many friends and family members who smoke, and travelling with them can actually be kind of stressful sometimes, such as your flight is delayed, or there’s been some form of an issue that you aren’t told about. Smokers start to lose their temper because they’ve already gone through passport control.


Now in many airports globally this is changing check out my past flog for airports that contain smoking areas inside.


6. Boarding pass

So this is probably something pretty obvious but I’m still aware of a few people who don’t do it.


Is the mobile app easyJet, British Airways, Ryanair, KLM, virgin, you name it all these companies have their personal apps. Which makes life so much easier instead of the stress of having to print out your boarding pass and having to look for it as well as the stress of making sure you don’t lose your passport with all your other belongings.


You can simply watch movies when you get to passport control or your gates you simply swipe up to your pocketbook and scan your boarding pass or depending on the flights you are using you get continuously updated on your flight, gate times, etc.

7. Other useful apps

Google Translate APP

Be sure to check apps or websites at the airport you are departing from, really great to have, prior to flying I tend to check out their website to see what they might have an offer you’ll be surprised to sometimes having a special coupon which in titles you to going to one of the airport lounges including free Wi-Fi food and drinks which sometimes starts at a price of £45 I can go all the way down to £10 sometimes. It’s worth to have a look! ​

Other useful things, the flight you are flying with download the app, the airport you are flying from. With special deals, information and maps.

8. Baggage allowance

This is one thing that frustrates me so much, but things have been slowly changing have you ever been on a flight and by the time you get to the front they go we have a full flight if anybody wishes to put their luggage in cargo come to the front and you get free Speedy boarding et cetera?

Well, it’s becoming more and more frequent now; I never check in an extra bag unless it’s a massive one and I’m going on holiday somewhere, but I always bring my small pull bag/ my laptop bag along with my small handbag, by the time I get to the front they ask if I want to pop in for free. This is because fewer people are using the check-in luggage, (They wonder why!) £40 per 15 KG! So everyone’s bringing on smaller bags to avoid this, but the overhead lockers are filled up super quick! Due to space, they do this. This has happened on airlines such as Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Jet 2, mainly shorter flight / domestic flights.

9. Bathrooms

Sometimes the bathroom on board is a little claustrophobic and some people even get a little bit of a stage fright. If it’s only a short haul flight I tend to just wait by the time you get off the queue at the bottom is absolutely ridiculously long.


It might be a bit longer, but make your way around areas with less people, dont follow the signs to the bathroom, you will be surprised a small one is right around the corner and no one knows! i.e. DOWNLOAD THE AIRPORT APP!

10. Waiting for Your Baggage

So the negative of putting your bag on for free or even PAYING, It’s so frustrating when at the minute the sirens come on for the bags everybody runs over and they are just suffocating the area, at the end of the day the bags will all come out if you’re in a rush your find the people rushing is probably making it worse for themselves.


What I tend to do is get myself sorted, freshen up in the bathrooms, switch on my phone, message friends and family, stating I’ve landed possibly look at some stuff on Facebook and by the time there are very few people left and it’s just your bag and if you others on the conveyor belt. Let me know your thoughts and what you’re super cool hacksaw from the airport, with flying today being such a common thing like taking a bus in some situations it can get really frustrating, financially and physically. But there are ways to work around it. Safe Flight!

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