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Spotted: Blake Lively stirring up some controversy with her latest business venture. The ‘Gossip Girl star, known for her glamorous lifestyle and impeccable fashion choices, has launched her alcohol brand, Betty Booze.

However, before you pop the champagne corks, you might want to hang on to your expensive hats; it appears that not everyone is cheering.

XOXO: Where to Buy Betty Booze - Sip Like a Gossip Girl with Blake Lively's Cocktail Brand

Blake, who has been vocal about her sobriety, is facing some eyebrow-raising accusations of a ‘cash grab’ from her followers. They wonder if she’s jumping on the cocktail bandwagon for money. Ouch! That’s a plot twist even the Upper East Siders couldn’t have seen coming.

In defence of her new venture, Blake wrote, “Drinking isn’t my thing” in her Instagram post. But the flavour is, for f*’s sake. She bragged that Betty Booze was produced using only tried-and-true family recipes, fresh fruit, authentic herbs and spices, and premium alcohol.

Plus, it saves you time, which is always a plus. What a convenient marriage of business and efficiency!

XOXO: Where to Buy Betty Booze - Sip Like a Gossip Girl with Blake Lively's Cocktail Brand

But the critics couldn’t resist throwing some shade. One commented, ‘If drinking isn’t your thing (which you’re very vocal about), how about some NA options?

Otherwise, you’re just in it for the money.’ Another chimed in, questioning how Blake could market a product she doesn’t openly consume. Some even called it ‘lame‘ when celebrities who don’t drink suddenly promote alcohol. Ouch, again!

Fans were quick to defend Blake, with one user urging the community to “keep it classy” and another calling Blake a “good businesswoman.” They contended that she need not use her product to guarantee its high standard. After all, she’s putting her reputation on the line.

XOXO: Where to Buy Betty Booze - Sip Like a Gossip Girl with Blake Lively's Cocktail Brand

A supporter even dared the outraged sober people, saying, “If you do drink, you’re just being catty.” The tension is skyrocketing, and it’s becoming evident that Blake Lively can’t be personally culpable for everybody’s poor decisions.

So, will Betty Booze be a smashing success or a fizzled-out flop? Only time will tell. But one thing’s sure: this gossip-worthy launch has stirred the pot and left us craving juicy updates. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Note: The text above is a playful rewrite of the original information, incorporating elements of banter and references to the TV show “Gossip Girl.”

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