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Picture this: You’re in the heart of St. Julian’s, Malta, gazing out over the stunning Balluta Bay. The sunsets, casting a warm glow over the sea, and you’re sipping on your favourite drink.

A Pint of Britain at the City of London Bar in St. Julian's, Malta

Where are you? You’re at the City of London Bar, an ancient treasure quenching the thirst of locals and travellers alike since 1914.

It’s not just a bar; it’s a living testament to Malta’s vibrant history, with a sprinkle of British charm that’s as bubbly as a pint of ale and as cheerful as a Londoner’s umbrella!

A Glimpse into the Past:

Back in 1914, as the Great War loomed like a classic British fog, British soldiers were stationed in Malta, ready to jump into action at any moment.

During these tumultuous times, the City of London bar flung open its doors on the illustrious St. Julian’s seafront, right in the heart of Balluta Bay.

A Pint of Britain at the City of London Bar in St. Julian's, Malta

A Refuge for Heroes:

Little did they know that this quaint bar would continue to draw loyal patrons for decades, allured by its friendly ambience and wallet-friendly prices.

A Pint of Britain at the City of London Bar in St. Julian's, Malta

In fact, over the next century, this bar would transform into an iconic landmark beloved by Maltese locals and a cherished haunt for foreigners, much like the timeless charm of a classic British pub.

People Who Make the Pub:

As you browse through the bar’s Facebook page, you’ll notice a parade of young and old patrons who have become the heart and soul of the City of London bar.

The people, from the dedicated staff to the jovial patrons, make this place truly special. The bar has seen countless sunny afternoons on the terrace, evenings filled with music, spirited quiz nights that would make a Sherlock Holmes proud, and raucous football screenings, creating a tapestry of memories as rich as a royal pudding.

A Loyal Dart’s Captain:

Some patrons have etched their names into the bar’s history with the finesse of a dart-throwing champion.

A Pint of Britain at the City of London Bar in St. Julian's, Malta

Take David de Conte Manduca, affectionately known as Cello, who captained the bar’s darts team. His unwavering loyalty and support spanned an astonishing fifty years, earning him a lifetime achievement certificate as precious as a crown jewel!

A Century of Cheers:

With a deep appreciation for its old and new patrons, the City of London bar has weathered the test of time for an impressive 105 years!

Open seven days a week from 11:00 am till late, it proudly holds the title of the oldest bar in Malta and continues to stand tall, much like Big Ben in the heart of London.

Seasonal Delights:

A Pint of Britain at the City of London Bar in St. Julian's, Malta

While summer naturally beckons a crowd to the terrace, the bar is well-prepared for winter’s embrace, thanks to two mighty terrace heaters that could warm a chilly British soul.

It lets you relish the crisp sea breeze and a view of the Neo-Gothic Roman Catholic Church across the sea. And if you need an extra dose of warmth, add a shot of whisky – the British way to stave off the chill and make winter feel as cosy as a fireplace in a Cotswolds cottage!

A Family Tradition:

The City of London bar has remained a family affair since its inception. Karmnu Borg, the founder, laid the foundation.

A Pint of Britain at the City of London Bar in St. Julian's, Malta

His son, Salvu, took over from 1960 to 1977, and Julian Borg has been the pub’s landlord ever since. He keeps the spirit alive and the pints flowing with the precision of a British butler.

The Drink Selection:

As for libations, the City of London Bar boasts a treasure trove of choices that would make a British royal’s tea selection seem modest. You’ll surely find your perfect sip, from ales to lagers, ciders to cocktails, and everything in between. Remember, when it comes to variety, this bar is as diverse as a London phone book!

Fun Fact: Here’s a little insider tip – the City of London Bar is not just about great drinks; they’re all about creating a welcoming experience. Feel free to bring your own takeout from the nearby eateries! So, if you’re out and about, and that irresistible aroma from a local restaurant tempts your taste buds, grab some grub and head over to the City of London Bar for a unique dining and sipping fusion. It’s like having your very own “Bring Your Own Takeout” party – British style!

So, if you find yourself in the picturesque St. Julian’s, Malta, go to the City of London Bar. Here, you can savour history; it’s a taste of London right in the heart of Malta, as splendid as a royal carriage and as delightful as a barrel of laughs. 🍻🇬🇧

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