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Go no further if you’ve been considering buying a dog but aren’t sure which breed to get. One of the best breeds on the earth is the simple pug.

These gorgeous tiny bundles of joy come in a variety of colors, and they have a charming look that will soften even the toughest hearts.

They are exquisite stocky packets of affection, despite their diminutive size and less than conventionally appealing features. See why you ought to take the plunge and get a pug.

They Are Relaxed

If you are someone who adores going for runs in the park, wants to play fetch with their dog multiple times a day, and needs a bouncy, super active canine, then the pug may not be for you.

For The Love Of Pugs

However, if you want a relaxed and chilled out pup that loves nothing more than sitting on your lap, lolloping next to you while watching your favourite box set and having lazy Sunday lie-ins, then this is your breed.

They don’t like too much activity and prefer quiet houses. They may be able to live with cats, as they aren’t the type to chase unless necessary. A pug’s instinct is to stay loyal to its owner’s side and relax.

They Are Silly

Even if you have had a tough day at work, you can feel safe knowing you will have a pug to come home to.

For The Love Of Pugs

With an almost sixth sense, your four-legged pal will be waiting for you at the front door, ready to shower you with slobbery kisses as you walk in. What he doesn’t have in intelligence, he will make up for in affection.

Pugs can be a little difficult to train so it might be worthwhile enrolling him in some dog obedience training. This is for his own safety as much as anything.

For The Love Of Pugs

You don’t want your dog to run into the road during a weekend park walk. He should at least know stop and come. Protect him as he admirably protects you.

Pugs bring delight. They will settle in the oddest places, like the laundry basket, on their back in front of the fireplace, or on the window ledge to watch the birds. They love being with you, yet separation anxiety may need to be addressed.

They Are Excellent Guard Dogs

They might be diminutive, but they can be fierce and protective. Pugs seem to have an innate sense to sussing out danger. They won’t scratch at your best friend who’s popped over for coffee but they will yelp at any potential intruder.

They don’t chase mice, but they will bark like crazy if they spot smoke or a commotion in the street. Look after your pug and your pug will look after you.

For The Love Of Pugs

Welcoming a pup into your home will be the best decision ever. A pug may be the breed for you if you are laid-back and want a dog that keeps you company while being as cute as a button.

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