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Here’s the thing about your airport carry-on. You don’t want to overpack it. While there are some items you need to consider (more in a moment), there are some things you don’t, as you aren’t allowed certain items anyway, and you don’t want to injure yourself when carrying it around.

So, with all of that in mind, here is our essential carry-on packing guide (with things you are allowed to carry) when you’re preparing to travel.

Essential documents

You will need some things when trying to get through the airport check-in, so remember your travel pass, passport, and any ID requested by your airline. You won’t be able to get on your flight without them!

Flying and travelling on a plane


If you have anything on your prescription, you need them in your carry-on so you don’t miss a dose.

You might also consider bringing other medications, such as those related to air sickness and even anxiety if air travel gives you a case of the jitters.


Air travel is the perfect way to develop a healthier relationship with your phone! Why? Depending on your airline’s rules, you might not be able to use it.

Check before flying, but even if some usage is allowed, you don’t want to spend the entire flight scrolling through Facebook!

Bring a book or two, a few magazines, or your iPod to listen to some tunes. Especially on a long flight, you want something to distract you, especially if the person sitting next to you refuses to hold a conversation, and you have seen the in-flight movie a hundred times before.

Sleep aids

If the person next to you does decide to hold a conversation with you after all, you might eventually get sick of them droning on.

Tell them you need to sleep, and whether you drift off or not, you can still dig out your eye mask, earplugs, and inflatable pillow, so they get the message that their boring waffle now has to come to an end.

We also recommend you bring your headphones. Not only will they isolate any noise from the plane (including your chattering companion), but they can also be used (for free) for the in-flight movie if it is something you haven’t seen before!

Flying and travelling on a plane

Drink and food

Aeroplane food is notoriously bad and expensive, so bring your own. It would help if you stay hydrated when traveling anyway, as air flight can dehydrate you, and especially on a long flight, you are going to get the munchies at some point en route.

Bring a disposable water bottle, fill it up when needed, and stave off hunger with nutritious snacks that stop your energy from flagging.

Spare clothes

You might be hot and sweaty after the flight, so you might want something to get changed into quickly after you have departed the plane.

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And since airlines often lose or misplace luggage, you might need at least one or two extra outfits if you suddenly find yourself with fewer bags than you started with.

I hope this article helped, but if we have forgotten to mention any carry-on essentials, let us know. Thanks for reading, and happy travels!!

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