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In the summer of 2021, Detective for a Day was born from a shared passion for crime and true crime stories.

The founders’ dream was simple: to allow people to step into the shoes of a detective and solve real mysteries from the comfort of their homes.

Detective for a Day: Solving Real Mysteries from Home

A Pandemic-Inspired Creation:

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly influenced the company’s inception. With people forced to stay indoors, the need for engaging and thrilling activities for partners, friends, and families became more apparent.

Case Unveiling in Record Time:

In just six months, Detective for a Day introduced their first cases, ‘Murder at the student graduation’ and ‘Murder on the luxury yacht,’ setting the stage for an immersive crime-solving adventure.

Expanding Horizons:

The company’s early success in Norway prompted them to translate their cases into English, making their enthralling mysteries accessible to a wider European audience.

A Commitment to Realism and Engagement:

What truly sets Detective for a Day apart is their unwavering commitment to realism and engagement.

Their cases are not mere puzzles; they are intricately woven narratives with compelling characters and stories.

Detective for a Day: Solving Real Mysteries from Home

Ongoing Thrills:

With a promise to continuously release new cases, Detective for a Day keeps the excitement alive for avid detectives-at-heart.


Detective for a Day is a creative and immersive platform that allows individuals to indulge their inner sleuth.

It’s an adventure that guarantees hours of entertainment, engagement, and excitement. So, become a detective for a day and embark on a journey of mystery-solving right from your own home.

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