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Cocaine Bear: 2023Cocaine Bear: 2023

Cocaine Bear: 2023’s wildest film trailer is everything and more

Cocaine Bear has been popular with moviegoers since its April announcement. This film is based on the 1985 incident in northern Georgia when a 175-pound black bear ate a duffel bag of cocaine. It had a bear and cocaine, which current moviegoers demand. However, the film didn’t seem to live up to its moniker. Cocaine …


22 Incredible Facts About ‘Geordie Shore’

Geordie Shore was a unique television program. When it initially debuted, it was a British reality TV show that no one had ever indeed seen, and it has been adored ever since. The basic premise of Geordie Shore is that everyone in the house leaves for work goes out clubbing, and gets completely plastered on …

Cucumbers and 5 Unexpected Facts About the Term "Glass Onion"Cucumbers and 5 Unexpected Facts About the Term "Glass Onion"

Cucumbers and 5 Unexpected Facts About the Term “Glass Onion”

Watch Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery if you haven’t already. The Netflix murder mystery is becoming one of the year’s most talked-about flicks (there are even whispers of an Oscar nod). Glass Onion’s cast makes it great. The sequel to Knives Out, follows a group of wealthy friends who vacation on a Greek island …

dont answer the phone netflixDon't Answer That Call" Calls that Terrified Some Victims on Netflix!

“Don’t Answer That Call” Terrified Some Victims on Netflix!

A new Netflix mini-doc series called “Don’t answer that call” Don’t Pick Up the Phone has been released. Each of the three episodes, which run between 42 and 57 minutes, tells a real criminal story. It’s common for someone to call a restaurant and say they’re a police officer, especially at fast food chains. During …

who killed santa murdervillewho killed santa murderville Santa's Murder? A Murderville Murder Mystery' Featurette Shows Christmas Special's Chaos

Murderville Mystery: Chaos Christmas Special Added

Murderville celebrates Christmas despite investigating Santa Claus’s murder. Will Arnett reprises Detective Terry Seattle in Netflix’s Who Killed Santa? Christmas special. He is now guarding a Christmas celebration. He works with celebrity homicide trainees Maya Rudolph and Jason Bateman to find Santa’s killer after things goes wrong. Netflix Is a Joke released a behind-the-scenes look …

volcano new zealand docvolcano new zealand doc

Rory Kennedy’s Netflix Hit “The Volcano”

Surprisingly, a documentary, “The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari,” is becoming as famous on Netflix as the ever-present “Wednesday” and the powerful “Harry and Meghan.” Director Rory Kennedy’s film about 47 visitors and guides trapped during a volcanic eruption off the coast of New Zealand in December 2019 opened at number one in the United States …