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Are you burning to visit the city of London and see what all of the fuss is about? London is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you are into the arts or enjoy fun food experiences, the city has it all.

Spending The Weekend In London As A Family

Using this guide, you can find some great ideas for how to spend a weekend in London as a family.

Take them to the theater

London has endless entertainment to offer adults and kids. The theater is something you will not want to miss out on. We can guarantee that the entire family will have fun. 

You can take the family to the best West End Theatre shows and have the time of your life. There are shows to cater to all ages and preferences.

Spending The Weekend In London As A Family

You can find a family favorite like The Lion King or a show for adults like Moulin Rouge. You will not be disappointed with the number of shows to choose from. It is a great way to spend an evening and make it one to remember.

There are plenty of museums

London is full of museums. There, you can find interactive or educational museums. Depending on whether you want to teach the children about history or get them to interact with science, you can choose a few to suit your needs. 

You could dedicate an entire day to museum hopping. Or, visit one every day so you know you can spend some time educating everyone and be warm inside.

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London’s weather can change within seconds so be prepared to spend some time inside. 

Find some green space on the good days

If you get lucky with the weather and manage to get nothing but sunshine, we recommend going to the many parks. There are large parks for walking explorations or fun kids’ parks. Either way, spending time outside in some of London’s green spaces is a good idea. 

You do not need to be among the hustle and bustle all the time. There is plenty of greenery to go around for everyone.

On the days when you feel the family could do with some peace and quiet, head to a nearby park and spend a few hours outside.

Iconic sightseeing

What better way to spend time in London with family than to go sightseeing? There is plenty for the family to see and enjoy, from Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to The London Eye. You can visit these sights or see them from the outside. Either way, it is incredible to see them.

car parked near building

The tourist spots do get very busy at weekends. We suggest traveling during off-peak seasons. If you cannot avoid the crowds, try to book early tickets as fewer people visit attractions first thing in the morning.

Try using the buses

When you spend a weekend in London with kids, we recommend getting buses. Tubes can be scary for children and often busier than buses. 

Using an app or a map, you can navigate the bus system and easily get from A to B. You will be surprised at how easy it can be to walk from place to place. But, if you are all tired or the walk is far, jump on a bus. This way, you will get to see much more of the city.

Find a local Airbnb

You don’t need to panic when finding affordable accommodation for a family when you visit London. Hotels for a family can be very expensive. 

Spending The Weekend In London As A Family

The best thing to do is to use a local Airbnb. Choose an area that you would like to stay and you will find all sorts of accommodations come up. You can find entire houses or flats, depending on your budget and needs.

These are always safe and will guarantee plenty of space for everyone. Being in an Airbnb can often be better for families as it will feel like a home from home. Instead of getting everyone a separate room, you can all stay and live together like you would at home.

aerial photography of London skyline during daytime

Hotels and their locations mislead you.ocations. You will be pleasantly surprised to find plenty of well-located, affordable homes in London. Using this guide, you can find the best tips for spending the weekend in London as a family.

There are plenty of affordable options and fulfilling options for everyone. From entertainment to how to get around, keep this guide with you to guarantee you have the best family trip in the big city.

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