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My exciting adventure began as I set foot in Athens for the very first time. My visit was to reconnect with my mother, who has established her home in this vibrant city. The enchanting blend of culture, mouthwatering cuisine, and rich historical tapestry overwhelmed my senses in the most delightful way possible.

Kalamaki Kolonaki, Greek Inspired Restaurant Athans

Amidst my explorations, a true gem emerged as Kalamaki Kolonaki. This hidden culinary treasure, deeply rooted in Greek heritage, immediately captured my interest. With a history spanning over a millennium, this restaurant pays homage to the rich tapestry of Greek cuisine.

The name “kalamaki,” often synonymous with the beloved Greek dish “souvlaki,” carries a legacy of flavors within it.

Delving into its origins, I discovered this dish has stood the test of time, crafted from finely minced beef and served alongside expertly grilled vegetables. The experience was a compelling journey through both history and taste, leaving an indelible mark on my senses.

Kalamaki Kolonaki, Greek Inspired Restaurant Athans

Kalamaki Kolonaki is located in the heart of Athens, and as the city depicts raw beauty and Greek culture, so does the food. Believe it or not, the entire experience of a city and what it’s about can be learned from its cuisine.

This is why Kalamaki Kolonaki promises to be a delight when trying out Greek food. Here are some reasons why Kalamaki Kolonaki promises to be a surreal experience:


Ah, the Greek salad – a classic that has graced many a table. Yet, at Kalamaki Kolonaki, a twist of uniqueness awaits. While rooted in the traditional flavours of Greek cuisine, these salads take on a creative flair.

The restaurant seamlessly blends the essence of tradition with innovation, introducing additional elements that tantalize the palate in unexpected ways. Each bite becomes a delightful adventure, bridging the gap between the familiar and the inventive, all within the realm of the beloved Greek salad.

Kalamaki Kolonaki, Greek Inspired Restaurant Athans

Vegetables, including cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and olives, are the foundation of a traditional Greek salad, often known as a Horiatiki salad.

Bell pepper slices and Greek mountain oregano elevate Kalamaki Kolonaki to the next level. In conclusion, patrons should visit the restaurant for its excellent Greek salads.

Kalamaki Kolonaki, Greek Inspired Restaurant Athans

The Food

Diversity reigns supreme on the menu of Kalamaki Kolonaki, indeed its standout feature. Catering to a wide array of tastes, this culinary haven ensures there’s something for everyone to savour. For plant-based enthusiasts, a delectable suggestion emerges as grilled eggplant – a choice that embodies the essence of vegetarian delight.

Kalamaki Kolonaki, Greek Inspired Restaurant Athans

What’s intriguing is the unconventional approach taken in its preparation, harnessing the distinctive seasoning artistry of Greek culinary tradition. But let’s not forget the carnivorous fans, for they are equally embraced within the extensive selection. From the greens to the meats, Kalamaki Kolonaki transforms dining into an enticing voyage of flavours, appealing to all walks of gastronomic desire.

Chicken and pig skewers, as well as beef and turkey burgers, will have your mouth watering. Kalamaki Kolonaki provides a fantastic overview of Greek food. The lamb kebabs are a staple of Greek cuisine and should not be missed.

Homemade pita is another fantastic item; it has the texture of a store-bought pita but is much smaller in size. That the full flavor of each bite may be appreciated.

The chicken and lamb dishes were to die for. When I saw the trays and the generous servings, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

The Aura

Due to its obscure location, we were unable to pick up on the restaurant’s ambience. The restaurant’s exterior may not look much from the outside, but as you enter inside, the atmosphere shifts, and you’re in a great spot to listen to local musicians perform.

Kalamaki Kolonaki, Greek Inspired Restaurant Athans

Although it’s limited to standing-room-only, you may find that this really enhances your experience.

Kalamaki Kolonaki, Greek Inspired Restaurant Athans
Kalamaki Kolonaki, Greek Inspired Restaurant Athans

If you’re around Athens and you really want to get a feel for Greek food and what it’s all about then Kalamaki Kolonaki is the place you need to be! Check out this hidden treasure, a great little family-run place in the non-touristic area with a lot to offer!

NameKalamaki Kolonaki
TypeGreek Restaurant
LocationPloutarchou 32, Athens, Greece
Contact+30 21 0721 8800
AvailabilityOpen now
Seating OptionsOutdoor seating, Roadside collection

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