I was in Athens for the first time to visit my mother, who now lives there. I was overwhelmed by the culture, cuisine, and history of the city.

Kalamaki Kolonaki

One of the places that caught my attention was Kalamaki Kolonaki, a hidden treasure of a Greek restaurant inspired by Greek cuisine whose history goes back more than a thousand years. The word “kalamaki” is commonly used as a synonym for the popular Greek dish “souvlaki.” Typically, it is prepared from practically minced beef and accompanied by well-grilled vegetables.

Kalamaki Kolonaki

Kalamaki Kolonaki is located in the heart of Athens and as the city depicts raw beauty and Greek culture, so does the food. Believe it or not, the entire experience of a city and what its about can be learned from its cuisine.

This is the reason Kalamaki Kolonaki promises to be a delight when it comes to trying out Greek food. Here are some reasons why Kalamaki Kolonaki promises to be a surreal experience:


We’re sure that you’ve tried Greek salads before but Kalamaki Kolonaki offers something unique. Greek salads in this restaurant do take their inspiration from traditional Greek cuisine however the restaurant does like get to innovative by adding additional items.

Kalamaki Kolonaki

Vegetables including cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and olives are the foundation of a traditional Greek salad, often known as a Horiatiki salad.

Bell pepper slices and Greek mountain oregano elevate Kalamaki Kolonaki to the next level. In conclusion, patrons should visit the restaurant for its excellent Greek salads.

The Food

The variety of dishes on the menu at Kalamaki Kolonaki is its greatest strength. If you’re searching for vegetarian fare, we recommend grilled eggplant, although they offer something for everyone.

It’s prepared in a slightly unorthodox fashion, using the distinctive seasoning techniques of Greek cooking. For those with a carnivorous appetite, however, the selection is extensive.

Kalamaki Kolonaki

Chicken and pig skewers, as well as beef and turkey burgers, will have your mouth watering. Kalamaki Kolonaki provides a fantastic overview of Greek food. The lamb kebabs are a staple of Greek cuisine and should not be missed.

Homemade pita is another fantastic item; it has the texture of a store-bought pita but is much smaller in size. That the full flavor of each bite may be appreciated.

The chicken and lamb dishes were to die for. When I saw the trays and the generous servings, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Kalamaki Kolonaki lamb

The Aura

Kalamaki Kolonaki lamb

Due to its obscure location, we were unable to pick up on the restaurant’s ambience. The restaurant’s exterior may not look like much from the outside, but as you enter inside, the atmosphere entirely shifts, and you’re in a great spot to listen to local musicians perform.

Although it’s limited to standing-room-only, you may find that this really enhances your experience.

Kalamaki Kolonaki beef
Kalamaki Kolonaki wine

If you’re around Athens and you really want to get a feel for Greek food and what its all about then Kalamaki Kolonaki is the place you need to be! Check out this hidden treasure, in the non-touristic area, a great little family run place with alot to offer!

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