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Hendrick’s Gin’s distinctive blend of botanicals and fine distillation have earned it a global reputation and a place on the table in most homes, where it is much appreciated and treasured. Though they’re from Scotland, we’re used to their vibrant flavour and floral aroma,

Neptunia Gin Today, devotees are in for a treat as the latest batch of their handmade Cabinet of Curiosities has just been released.

Hendrick's Gin introduces Neptunia Gin

The Neptunia Gin is a quirky homage to the sea inspired by the beaches of southwest Scotland and the music they sing as waves crash the shore.

In keeping with Hendrick’s signature rose-and-cucumber aroma and flavour profile, a blend of coastal botanicals adds depth and flavour, culminating in a refreshing citrus finish.

In the heat of the day, it’s the perfect thirst quencher. Pair your Neptunia Fizz with freshly shucked oysters for the whole sea experience.

By teaching people how essential seagrass meadows are to the marine ecosystem, Project Seagrass, which is Hendrick’s Neptune’s official charity partner, is helping to raise awareness and money for their protection.

Why not try some fantastic Hendricks recipes?

Cucumber Lemonade

Hendrick's Gin introduces Neptunia Gin

You cannot control the behaviour of wasps at a picnic; however, ensure you have a summer drink as azure in flavour as the summer evening is long—cucumber Lemonade brims with naughty thoughts for summers yet to be.

Lemon Juice20ml
Sugar Syrup20ml
Soda WaterTo Top Off
Lemon wheelFor Garnish
How To Make
1. Combine all ingredients in a highball glass filled with cubed ice.
2. Lightly stir the mixture.
3. Top with Soda Water.
4. Garnish with three thinly sliced cucumber rounds and a lemon wheel.
Lemon wheel

Flora Dora

Hendrick's Gin introduces Neptunia Gin

The Floradora, with its vivid pink hue, is a gin cocktail that celebrates the seductive power of the raspberry. Summer is here, and out comes the outrageous Floradora.

Lime Juice20ml
Raspberry Syrup10ml
Ginger BeerTo Top Off
How To Make
1. Build all ingredients in a highball glass over ice cubes.
2. Churn the mixture.
3. Serve.
Flora Dora – Cocktail
FlavoursFruity, Refreshing, Spiced

Rainforest Fizz

Hendricks Gin

Somewhere, the ravishingly refreshing RAINFOREST FIZZ is waiting for you; knowing full well the bountiful zest it will bring to your cocktail hour, we politely ask you to refrain from smiling too widely as you study its remarkable (yet effortlessly simple) recipe.

Fresh Pineapple Juice25ml
Sugar Syrup20ml
Lime Juice20ml
Tonic or SodaTo Top Off
Pineapple LeavesFor Garnish
How To Make
1. Combine all ingredients in a highball glass filled with cubed ice.
2. Lightly stir the mixture.
3. Serve.
Amazonia Fizz – Close Up
GarnishesPineapple Leaves

Check out some more at the Hendricks Website!

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