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In today’s world, there’s nothing quite like capturing your finest moments and sharing them on social media. It’s like having a photo album that everyone can access, ensuring your memories never fade away. Generally, this enduring presence is a positive aspect.

The whole point of storing pics like this is to ensure they stay safe. But, this benefit quickly turns into a downside to the much-dreaded ‘tagged’ section.

Why Do You Really Look So Terrible In Tagged Photos?

Your heart drops every time you get that ‘tagged notification’ Why? Because you look a state in every candid snap people upload. To make matters worse, those piccies appear on your home page and ruin your aesthetic. You can’t even untag yourself without upsetting someone.

It’s a real problem! Luckily, there are often some identifiable reasons for appearing awful in every surprise snap.

And once you identify a cause, you can work on a solution. Keep reading to find out whether your tagged appearance is down to one of these three things.

Your posture is pants

Even your perfect beauty regime isn’t make up for poor posture. If your back always makes an impression of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, it’s no wonder you always look bad. Your friends tower over you with their sleek poses.

And, there you are — the little hunched one in the corner. It’s not a good look, nor is it good for your back itself. Then, look through your tagged pics and consider whether this is the problem.

If yes, it’s past time you made more of an effort to sit up straight and proud.

Why Do You Really Look So Terrible In Tagged Photos?

That one feature lets you down

We all have that one flaw that makes us look bad. It may be your nose or a side which doesn’t show you in the best light. When we take pictures of ourselves, we tend to know how to hide these things. But, the same can’t be said about images taken by others.

In these, your less-than-flattering feature will be plain for all to see. If this is the case, a few options are open to you. You could work on using makeup to improve the appearance of your issue.

Or, you could do something about it. Those with larger-than-normal noses might want to visit Dr Phillip Miller for info on surgical options.

Those with overlapping teeth may want to book in with an orthodontist. Once you take care of these things, you can ensure you look good in even the most surprising snaps.

Why Do You Really Look So Terrible In Tagged Photos?

You have a resting bitch face

Sometimes, issues like this come about due to nothing more than a case of resting bitch face. You’ll look pretty bad in surprise pictures if you frown whenever you aren’t smiling. No one likes a grump, after all.

This is your answer if you look like you want to kill your friends in every tagged photo. All you need to do is recognize the problem and make more of an effort to smile from now on!

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