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Planning a travel adventure will always be nerve-wracking, but it can be even worse when you have a pet. It can make you very anxious when you leave them at home as you travel worldwide for weeks or months. You worry about how they’re doing, whether or not they’re healthy, and it can sometimes put a downer on the whole trip.

Worried About Leaving Your Pet When You Travel? 4 Things To Do Before You Go

However, you can reduce your anxiety by doing a few things before you go. These things are designed to help your pet feel more comfortable while you’re away and also soothe any key worries. Check them out down below:

Take them to the vet

There will always be a nagging voice in your mind that wonders whether or not your pet is okay while you’re away.

You worry every second about whether or not they’ve fallen ill, or if they’ve been fed something they shouldn’t, etc.

Worried About Leaving Your Pet When You Travel? 4 Things To Do Before You Go

But, one way to calm these fears is by taking them to the vet before you leave. There should be a pet hospital near you where you can get a thorough checkup and a variety of other services as well.

This helps assess your pet’s health so you know they’re healthy and refined when you leave. A complete physical examination is all you need to feel much better about leaving them without you for a few weeks or months.

Make a list of dietary requirements.

Of course, you won’t leave your pet in the house alone. I know cats like to be independent and have their space, but this is a step too far! Ideally, you would leave them with a trustworthy friend or family member so they can get the attention they need.

Worried About Leaving Your Pet When You Travel? 4 Things To Do Before You Go

If this isn’t possible, a kennel or pet boarding school is the next best option. Either way, whoever looks after them needs to know what your pet can and can’t eat. They also need to know how often they’re fed and the usual times they tend to eat.

So, please list all the dietary requirements and extra info and give it to whoever looks after them. Knowing that your pet will be fed the right food at the right time gives you confidence.

Worried About Leaving Your Pet When You Travel? 4 Things To Do Before You Go

Let them spend time in their temporary home.

I prefer to leave pets with friends or family because it makes this step so much easier. You can go to this person’s house and bring your pet in the days and weeks before you leave.

Let them spend a decent amount of time getting to know their temporary home, so it’s not as much of a shock to them when they eventually live there for a short while.

Travelling Soon? 4 Must-Do's Before Leaving Your Pet

They get to see the person looking after them, they become accustomed to the surroundings, and they might even find a nice little spot to nap!

Some places where you can keep pets while going on holiday might let you bring them over a few times to get used to the site, but not all do. So, in an ideal world, you’ll find a pet sitter and take your pet to see them multiple times before leaving. This leaves you less anxious as you know they know who’s looking after them and are used to their surroundings.

Worried About Leaving Your Pet When You Travel? 4 Things To Do Before You Go

Bring their favourite toys with them.

Every pet has one or two comfort toys they have always played with. You’ve seen them lying around grabbing at these toys, and they always seem to have a fun time. So, before you leave, ensure you get their toys and bring them to the pet sitter with your pet.

If they have a few personal items surrounding them, it helps them settle even more. When they get bored or upset, they’ve at least a few toys to remind them of their natural home!

The same goes for things like a basket they always sleep in or a blanket they like to use – bring them as well.

Travelling Soon? 4 Must-Do's Before Leaving Your Pet

Travelling is supposed to be fun and exhilarating. Yes, there will always be worries at home that plague your mind, especially when you have a pet. But you’ll prepare your pet for the time away by doing these four things before you go.

It will be much easier for both of you as you can relax on a beach, knowing they’re comfortable and healthy!

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