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Another year has gone by, and it never stops surprising me that young people today think I’m old. Memories, however, I stumbled into a few items that reminded me of it and its peculiar ways, much like the scent of a perfume your grandmother wore or the sight of an old toy from your childhood. I realize that our ages differ, but here goes anyhow! Today’s equivalents of “OMG”

MSN Messenger

Remember your “Status?” It was the most significant thing! Spending ages thinking of something cool. Then you spent six hours a day at school with your friends, but after the final bell, you’d still run home quickly to chat online. Why? Why?

Jelly Sandals with everything
Jelly Sandals with everything

Jelly Sandals with everything

More refreshing than a pair of flip-flops, they were also waterproof and tasteful. Your mother became irate because you persisted on wearing them to formal events. These sandals by Jelly are guaranteed to last a lifetime.


The original blog inspired WordPress and all the rest. In the early 2000s, this blogosphere gem was the virtual refuge for teens and young adults all over the world to vent their pain and meet friends.

Its popularity has been declining for some time now, and it’s a shame, because it’s the host to some of the internet’s silliest content.


Candy Necklace

Edible jewellery was the height of fashion — or so your self-conscious 90s thought. Candy necklaces, however, left pastel stains on your neck; is this a snack you should wear? What’s not love?

Candy Necklace

Apple Macs

Macintosh computers from the early 2000s are seeing a renaissance after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’s death in 2011. This is great news for you if you’ve opted to hang on to your older Mac. These endearing vintage gadgets are currently selling for reasonable prices on online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist.

Being Obsessed with Your Colorful iMac


Need I say more? Remember those hearts people could give you? Looking back, what was that about?! Spending hours making your Bebo skins using paint Yes, it is an artistic masterpiece.

Those ‘who’s hotter’ polls were the terrifying things you could post.


Singing Along to the AOL Dial-Up Noise

Although getting the world at your disposal today is pretty impressive in seconds, there was something a little fun about the excitement that came with logging into AOL and singing along to its chorus of screeches as you waited for the homepage to pop up naturally, unless your mom picked the phone.

Hot Or Not?

The platform (which I guess would be like tinder now? )

Hot Or Not?

Having a Lip Smacker for Every Day of the Week

Your typical machine was cool, of course, but if you wanted to stun your buddies in the 1990s, you splurged on a colourful iMac.

Having a Lip Smacker for Every Day of the Week

Although their functionality wasn’t drastically different from other computers at the time, looking back at your Bondi Blue machine, although waiting for Netscape to load, felt like an exciting new adventure.

Word Fonts

Chain Letters

Need I say more, the number of times letters/emails were received, and you freaked out!

Chain Letter

Capri Sun

Straight up, a Capri Sun is delicious, and when it first came out, it was kind of a big deal. It took some practice, but it took a lot of skill to open one without putting your straw (or finger) through the hole.


S” Sign

"S" Sign

Failing to Keep Your Tamagotchi Alive

Failing to keep your Tamagotchi alive

At the time, having a Tamagotchi seemed like a smart idea — it was like a cat, except you didn’t have to clean it up. But after two days of forgetting to feed and play with it, you loved it.

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