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If you’ve ever thought about adopting a horse, there are a whole host of upsides. Most people bond really closely with their mounts, and you’ll have a good friend in them for most of your days.

In short, horses really can be wonderful creatures, and will make a great addition to any home, as long as you’ve got the space for them!

You've Got Your First Horse, Now What?

But when you first bring them home, it won’t be all cuddles and love from the offset. If that’s what you’re expecting, it’s time to ground yourself!

Your new horse will need some time to get used to their new surroundings, and as their confident and cool owner, there’s some things you can do to help this process along.

Help Them Settle in

The first thing to do is to help your horse get settled in. They’ll need some time to get used to their new surroundings, and there’s a good chance you won’t recognise them during this period!

If you’ve spent a lot of time getting to know your horse before purchase, and you’ve come to see them as a warm and friendly creature, they might not be so open with you once you’ve introduced them to their new home.

You've Got Your First Horse, Now What?

This is because it’s new, and quite possibly overwhelming, and you’ve got to give your new horse the space they need to learn about their new barn and pasture.

Let them out to get used to the surrounding space too, so they can find their favourite foraging spots and trees/fence posts to scratch against.

And at the same time, get closer and closer to them, and take it slow. Let them know you’re OK to be around, and you’re the one thing that hasn’t changed in their life!

Get Outfitted Properly

You've Got Your First Horse, Now What?

You’re going to be taking your horse for regular rides. Well, you’ll need to outfit yourself properly for occasions like these! Any old outfit won’t do – if you climb on the back of a horse, you should wear protective, streamlined gear that both feel comfortable and does the job.

Where do you find such clothing? Start online; usually, the best prices can be found at wholesale stores online or specialized websites – you’ll be able to find Dubarry boots at the latter quite easily!

Take Riding Slowly

And speaking of riding, make sure you take this process slowly too. Horses are wonderful for saddling up and taking out, but there’s a chance they won’t take to this immediately.

Put the saddle on them, put a bit in their mouth, and just gently lead them around for a while – don’t get on them! Just walk beside them with the lead in your hand, and let them get used to what a saddle feels like; this is especially pertinent for younger horses.

You've Got Your First Horse, Now What?

You’ve just got your first horse, and now is your chance to set the right foundation for enjoying your life together!

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