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As you invite these pets into your home, you have to learn how to look after them to be happy, healthy, and do well in your home with your family. With the proper care, pets can live well into their senior years. If you have a cat, you have to ensure that you

out keep on top of their physical and behavioural health, especially when aging. 

Cat Park - Review of Independence gardens, Sliema, Malta
Cat Park – Review of Independence gardens, Sliema, Malta

While the changes in your pet are apparent as they get older, you might find it harder to spot the right things in the pet supplies store for a senior cat.

Of course, asking for help from your vet and your pet store contacts will help you get the right things. You need to know how to care for your senior cat properly, and we have some of the best tips you need to do that.

Caring For Your Senior Cat
Image Source: Pexels
  1. Think about their diet first. Before you do anything with your senior cat, look at what they’re eating. A cat needs to maintain a healthy weight to ensure that they stay in the best health. Talk to your vet about this as if your cat is overweight or underweight, they will need nutritional help to get them to the right place where they need to be. There are special senior foods to feed your cat and this will help their digestion properly.
  2. They need more water than younger cats. As cats get older, they are susceptible to kidney disease, and if your cat isn’t staying hydrated enough, then they may not have as much access to fresh water as before. Keep more water stations around the house and ensure that you are offering fresh water both in and outside.
  3. Look for pain cues. Senior cats – much like us – start having more joint and muscular pain as they get older. Cats are, however, very good at hiding when they are in pain. You have to learn their subtle cues that they are in pain and most of these involve weight loss, limping and a reluctance to move around as much. The good news here is that your vet can absolutely help! 
  4. Remember their teeth. Cats can have broken, holey teeth and you’d not know unless you’re keeping on top of their oral and dental health. Gum disease is an issue in cats and infections can enter the bloodstream and cause bigger complications, and so you have to keep on top of this.
  5. Make sure that they’re stimulated. Both physically and mentally, you want to know that your cat is stimulated enough. Environmental enrichment is an essential for your cat and you need to ensure that they are healthy. You should ensure that they have plenty of toys and plenty of exercise to stay as healthy as possible.
  6. Maintain their health. Cats need regular appointments with the vet every six months at the least. Keep on top of these, and you can ensure that your cat is healthy and happy as long as possible. 

In conclusion, caring for your senior cat requires attention to their changing needs and behaviors. By providing them with proper nutrition, veterinary care, and a comfortable environment, you can ensure they live their golden years to the fullest.

Remember to monitor their health closely and cherish the precious moments you share together. With love and care, you can make sure your senior cat enjoys a happy and fulfilling life.

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