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As humans, many of us are striving to make our lives more natural and get back to our source. We’re giving up on the idea that we need to fit into society’s mold and we’re uncovering many of the ways that it unconsciously influences us. 

The same is true for pets. While they don’t have minds like ours, they’re nonetheless affected by the society around them. Many of them live lives that are nothing like what they’d experience in the wild. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the ways that you can make your pet’s life more natural. Check them out below. 

Choose A Natural Litter

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Most cat litters are made of clay, extracted from mines in a way that damages the environment. While it is an effective substance for controlling odor, it’s not perfect. What’s more, clay dust can actually enter your cat’s nostrils and lead to breathing difficulties. 

Fortunately, there are a host of natural alternatives that solve this problem. You can now get litter made of entirely biodegradable compounds, such as corn pellets and walnut hulls. These litter options are typically fragrance-free, and do an exceptionally good job of capturing unpleasant odors. 

Use Natural Chews And Treats

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How many pet shops sell plastic chew toys? Practically all of them. What’s more, even so-called natural chews, mainly important from China, have been known to make pets sick. Jerky treats, in particular, seem to be problematic. 

There are, however, some alternatives making their way to market. One is freeze-dried meat sourced locally. This option has not undergone any meaningful chemical changes. Instead, it is perfectly desiccated, removing the moisture and, therefore, the risk of food poisoning. 

Choose Raw For Dogs

Raw food for dogs is becoming more popular. But why is this happening? It all comes down to the realization that, in the past, dogs’ ancestors – the wolves – wouldn’t have cooked their meat. They only ate raw carcasses. 

The hope is that by feeding dogs raw meat, they will get something that their bodies are better able to process. Providing them with cooked products could actually be preventing them from being at their best. 

Use Better Grooming Products

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Dog and cat grooming is essential, mainly because these animals are so prone to fleas. Grooming helps keep their skin and coats comfortable, reducing itching. 

Unfortunately, many grooming products aren’t natural. Most contain large quantities of synthetic and potentially dangerous chemicals.

The good news is that you can now buy products with ingredients with natural origins. These typically contain medicinal plants and herbs, such as neem, that offer natural antimicrobial and parasite action. 

Choose Natural Supplementation

If your dog is on supplements right now, chances are they’re not natural. Most manufacturers use synthetic ingredients to keep costs down. Unfortunately, these compounds don’t always interact with the body in a healthy way. 

If you can, choose natural supplementation. Find manufacturers who derive vitamins and minerals from non-laboratory sources. Often, these products come bundled with a range of other beneficial plant compounds.

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