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There has been a slight but notable backlash against cars in recent years. Pockets of society have decided that vehicles do much damage to the natural world and, what with all that traffic and so on, aren’t they enjoyable to begin with?

They make some excellent points worth noting, but is it possible that they’re looking at cars with a bit of short-sightedness?

While car ownership has some notable drawbacks, not having a set of wheels comes with its own problems. We’ll take a look at some of these problems below.

Cars Can Be Annoying, But Are They A Necessity?

It’s possible that, since public transport in cities is so good, there’s no point in owning a car. But what about when you want to escape the city? If you want to go anywhere that’s even marginally off the beaten path, then you need to have a car.

Take Scotland. You can get by just fine in Edinburgh without a vehicle, but if you don’t have the keys to a car, then you’ll miss out on the bulk of what makes Scotland so great: the outdoors.

There’s plenty to love away from the city centre of any major city, but without a car, you won’t be able to visit.

Cars Can Be Annoying, But Are They A Necessity?

The Commute

Public transport might save you money, but is it more convenient? Most likely, no. That’s no big deal in most cases, but it can be a game-changer when getting to and from work.

If you have a car, then yes, you might spend some time sitting in traffic, but at least you can more or less do what you want, and listen to your music. With public transport, you have to first travel to your bus or train stop, and then sit in a cramped carriage with other people. That’s very rarely wanted.

Being in Charge

You’re not at less of a risk of being in a road accident when you don’t have a car; your chances probably increase.

If you have your car, you’re in charge of the vehicle, not someone else. If you depend on others to drive you, you submit to their skills on the road.

It’d be better to drive yourself safely rather than use an Uber accident attorney because the person who was going you wasn’t a good driver. Even if they’re paid to do it, not everyone will be as good a driver as you are.

Cars Can Be Annoying, But Are They A Necessity?


Nobody wants to be dependent on other people, but when you don’t have a car or access to one, sometimes you just don’t have a choice. If you need to get somewhere slightly out of the way or move things around, you have to call people and hope they’ll take you.

It’s much better to know that you’re self-reliant and in control. Additionally, the responsibility side of car ownership is often downplayed. It teaches you skills you wouldn’t learn if you had never owned one.

So we say: the car lives on!

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