Job interviews are nerve-wracking, as it is, but it’s essential to ensure you know what NOT to do!

1. You talk too much

Keep on topic and don’t fluff everything up, Simple straight answers, There is the risk of boring the other person with so many details and you can even look like you don’t have the cap city to concentrate on one given subject.

6 Mistakes NOT to Make At An Interview

2. You don’t listen

6 Mistakes NOT to Make At An Interview

Assure that the answers will are about to give is the one the question is asking for. This is done via research; This is a test that will demonstrate to the employer that your future project will follow the exact steps he’s expecting.

3. Falling for it

6 Mistakes NOT to Make At An Interview

An experienced recruiter will set you the trap of relaxation, trying to make you believe this is an interview with a little importance.

This does not mean you have to avoid jokes or affirmations that have nothing to do with the professional area, but you must promptly go back to the subject of the discussion. They can read body language. know and feel confident to what you are saying and doing!

4. You are trying to take the lead

6 Mistakes NOT to Make At An Interview

If you try this you can seem arrogant. Companies tend to search for people that can work efficiently in a team.

When talking about things you’ve done in previous jobs try to use instead of “I” the pronoun “We” as often as possible. Be a team player!

5. You don’t ask questions

6 Mistakes NOT to Make At An Interview

Try making a discussion as professional as possible, asking right questions on the subject. Make realistic observations regarding the company and avoid emphasis.

I cannot express how important this is, Even if they have covered everything, ask about the interviewee, how long hes been at the company? Know and find out about him! Not just the plain boring work questions.

6. You are late

6 Mistakes NOT to Make At An Interview

Many employers can’t understand why the candidates continue to be late, so being on time or not has a great importance in their decision.

If you can’t make it on the settled hour, call in time and try to reschedule the meeting, depending on the person that conducts the interview.

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