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Once upon a time, it was customary for a blushing bride to wear only white and for all her chosen bridesmaids to be adorned in the same colour. Often, no matter their shape or size, each bridesmaid would also be wearing the same style.

When Only The Right Shade Will Do. Wedding

As you can imagine, the body-skimming sheath that looked so fab on size 10 ‘Karen unfortunately clung to all the wrong places on size 18 ‘Linda.’

But back in the day, nobody dared argue if Cadbury’s purple was all the rage, and it was the bride’s first choice on her big day.

When Only The Right Shade Will Do.

How times have changed, and these days, Brides can make their big entrance wearing anything from a conventional wedding dress adorned with seed pearls and crystals to a plain tuxedo style trouser suit.

Dresses can hide a multitude of fashionable footwear from DM’s to Converse, while wide-leg trousers sometimes have flip-flops hidden underneath the flare.

Brides are getting the message that those sky-high stilettos will kill them before they’ve said ‘I do’ COLOUR – the new alternatives.

Colour schemes are now not just one colour but 50 shades of the same colour, and retailers have had to keep pace with this new demand for all the colours, in all the shades, never mind just in all the sizes.

When Only The Right Shade Will Do. Wedding

But what about if brides want to abandon the ‘safe’ colours for something more daring and memorable, which will suit all skin tones?

Pale shades can make bridesmaids look a little washed out if they are already very fair-skinned, and darker shades such as navy, red, and, oh yes, purple can also be draining, even on more olive tones. So what about considering golds and bronzes, and what about if you could choose from many designs and many SHADES of bronze?

Well, now you can click here for details. What Will You Splash the Budget On? Will you spend most of your wedding budget on your dress, venue, decor, food, and drink?

After you’ve kitted out yourself and your bridesmaids (and maybe the groom should have a new outfit, too!), what comes next in your list of wedding day priorities?

When Only The Right Shade Will Do.

The venue should reflect your pair. You may prefer a modest, intimate wedding in a richly beamed barn with bunting and a shabby chic, rustic vibe.

If you are a great couple with plenty of friends and a huge family, you can choose a large, elegant luxury hotel where you can decorate balloons, a pre-lit dance floor, and your name in lights. Your visitors may stay overnight and have a weekend party to celebrate. I mean, it is a wedding, after all.

Will it be a sit-down do, with a three-course meal, table plans, favours, or something simpler such as a full-on hog roast barbecue with all the trimmings?

As with that choice of all the dresses in all the styles and shades, the decisions you will face when organizing your wedding are endless. Planning is the key; take your time, and you can make your day one to remember for a long time.

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