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Christmas will be here in no time, and we still have so much to plan and organize.

From buying presents to catching up with friends over the season to getting things done around the house, there is a lot to do and little time to do it. On top of that, you are probably having your loved ones asking you what you would like for Christmas.

This one seems to get harder and harder to answer every year. And as if you didn’t already have enough to think about!

That is why today we are sharing 3 types of gifts to ask for this Christmas when you are struggling to come up with suggestions …

3 Types Of Gifts To Ask For This Christmas

Creative gifts

Creativity is good for all of us, yet so many of us barely spend time playing around with it. Make this Christmas the time to get creative and either pursue your passions or try something entirely new for you.

3 Types Of Gifts To Ask For This Christmas

Everybody is creative in some way, and this is not really about ability, it is about having fun with it.

You might ask for calligraphy pens to try your hand at brush lettering, or perhaps you would love to give piano lessons a go.

3 Types Of Gifts To Ask For This Christmas
3 Types Of Gifts To Ask For This Christmas

Do not be daunted by trying something new, this is something you can enjoy. If you cannot decide what to go for, there are plenty of options for gift vouchers for crafting and creative courses and workshops so ask for those and see what takes your fancy in the new year.

Practical gifts

3 Types Of Gifts To Ask For This Christmas

If you think about it for long enough, there is usually something practical that you would want. It might be something that you know you would benefit from or that you always love to receive.

You might have dozens of pairs of pyjamas, but one more would make you happy and nightwear is always a practical choice. Perhaps you know that you need something for your home, a plant for the garden or a new appliance that you are keen to try.

Think about any upcoming changes or travels as you might find that you need something new for those, a new suitcase or coat, for example.

3 Types Of Gifts To Ask For This Christmas

Indulgent gifts

This can be a great time to ask for something that is entirely and utterly indulgent.

There are those things that we love to surround ourselves with but that we do not necessarily need. They can be little treats or they might be something that you would just never buy yourself with your salary. They could be expensive or they could cost absolutely nothing.

3 Types Of Gifts To Ask For This Christmas

You might crave a new handbag that you have spotted and just cannot justify splurging on. Or perhaps you have always wanted to own some statement jewellery.

You might love the idea of a surprise date night or a day entirely to yourself with no chores, work or responsibilities. You could spend the day doing nothing more than drinking tea, reading books, binge-watching Netflix and taking bubble baths. Indulgence at its best!

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