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Spring is well and truly on its way! But, are you prepared? You can’t go into the delightful months ahead wearing knitted jumpers and scarfs. It’s time to refresh your wardrobe and embrace the vibrant and breezy spirit of spring.

As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, here are some easy and effective tips for transitioning your winter wardrobe into one that is suitable for spring!

Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring
Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

Replace dark colours with bright shades First and foremost, one of the easiest ways to get your wardrobe ready for spring is to replace dark colours with bright shades.

Yes, in your winter wardrobe into spring, you will want to incorporate pastels and other trendy colours. However, to begin with, it is a case of the brighter the better. A pop of colour will give your wardrobe an instant uplift. From bright green, to neon yellow, to electric pink – the options are endless.

Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

Embrace bold prints The next thing you should do is embrace clothing containing bold prints. This is going to be a massive trend for the year ahead. Moreover, during the winter we tend to keep everything simplistic.

Dark block colours are the norm. However, once the sun beings to shine everything changes. Combine this trend with the previous one for a show-stopping effect.

Invest in a good spring jacket

Whilst the weather is definitely changing, we would be kidding ourselves if we thought we could run around in a bikini every day.

You are still going to need to wear a jacket. However, you definitely won’t need the bulky one you have been wearing during the cold months. Instead, invest in a leather jacket, or a windbreaker jacket, or how about a coloured bomber jacket?

Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

Crop your clothing

Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

Don’t take a pair of scissors to your favourite t-shirt! Consider buying garments that are on the shorter side. For example, switch your jumper for a cropped sweatshirt. Put your jeans away in favour of some denim shorts. Wear a midi skirt instead of a maxi. You get the point!

Don’t forget about accessories

Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

Last but not least, we are often so concerned with swapping our jumpers for t-shirts, and our trousers for shorts, that we forget about our accessories! It’s time to put away your thick scarves, gloves, and hats, and embrace spring accessories. You may want to keep a pom-pom hat just for those cold days, as you can easily rock one of these with a spring dress and leather jacket. Chiffon scarves can add an element of class to any spring outfit.

Moreover, jewellery really plays a pivotal role for the months ahead. All in all, if you follow the advice that has been provided in this article, you simply cannot go wrong! You have all of the tips you need to guarantee that your spring style is a success.

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