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No matter where you go, there are magazines and billboards that dictate to you what you should be wearing, when and how much you should spend on your clothing. Wear THIS bag for work but only THIS bag for nights out.

Where THESE shoes for events but THESE shoes for hiking. You will always come across instructions from the fashion industry about what is best for your wardrobe, but the one recommendation that you will rarely see is that you should be wearing sustainable clothing.

Sustainable Fashion

Every time that you spend money on the fashion industry, you are allowing industry buffs to tell you what to wear. Choosing to become more sustainable with your clothing choices can make a massive difference to the way that you look as well as the industry that you could help in sustainable clothing. Still need convincing? Here are six reasons that you should care about sustainable fashion.

Sustainable Fashion

The World Will Thank You. The fashion industry is vast, but it does leave behind one giant carbon footprint. Pesticides in the cotton, and toxic fabric dyes do not make for environmentally friendly. Choosing organic fibres can make a huge difference to the carbon footprint that you are trying to shrink, and they don’t use chemicals. Tencel branded denim jeans are the perfect example of clothing that has little impact on the environment. Choosing clothing that saves the world? That’s a little bit of WonderWoman right there.

People Will Thank You, Too. The more you buy from FairTrade companies, the better you are being for the people who sell it. It’s sweatshop free, which means that no one is sweating on a low wage to make the clothes that you buy at a high price. FairTrade companies that sell sustainable clothing actually care about more than the bottom line of the business.

Animals Will Thank You, Too. Leather boots are pretty, but there’s not an animal in the world that will thank you for using their hide to make footwear. Vegan, sustainable footwear means that you are choosing not to take advantage of animals who can’t defend themselves. Organic materials are much better to use than animal products, remember that.

Sustainable Fashion

Built To Last. Organic, renewable fibres last a lot longer than cheaply made materials. Reducing waste is important, and the longer the clothing lasts, the longer that they avoid heading to landfills. Reducing that waste will do more for the earth, but the longer your clothes last, the better you will do for the environment.

Sustainable fashion should never be a joke, and it should be promoted as much as possible. Your future and the future of the children in the world depend on it. The fashion industry may not have caught up just yet, but one day they will and they will finally make the switch and the world will be rocked by how AWESOME the clothes are!

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