The June 2022 PlayStation State of Play had so many announcements that it was easy for something to get lost in the shuffle. As a result of all the ruckus, there was time for a certain feline. This cat-roaming adventure, developed by Annapurna Interactive, has a release date of July 19th, 2022, and a new gameplay trailer. PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium will include Sony’s subscription service for gamers that enjoy it.

In the meantime, here’s a video of the cat in action:

It is critical that the cat never suffers any harm.

The cat in Stray will have a lot of freedom to roam about, as you can see in the latest gameplay trailer. The scope of what can be found when you scour the globe is enormous.

stray playstation

Developer BlueTwelve Studio producer Swann Martin-Raget emphasized the importance of nailing the cat’s motions and controls to the team, saying it wasn’t simple. Several cat photographs and videos were utilized in the process of perfecting the piece. The fact that the majority of the group were cat owners was also a plus.

The inclusion of the drone B-12 is an essential gameplay feature as well. Because of this, the cat was able to communicate with the rest of the cast and the environment.

Stray appears to be an enjoyable exploration-based adventure game. Even I, a dog lover, am tempted to see what it has to offer after witnessing its allure up close. Stray’s release date is almost approaching.


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