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Steps to Nailing that Perfect Dream Job!

In today’s life cycle it’s hard to find a job, It all comes down to experience or connections, but what do you do if you have neither!? Well my friend, here are a few tips to pimping out your CV and giving you the position you want with something different to read that will be remembered positively. Let’s start off with the paperwork… The famous CV


“Come on BARBIE let’s go PARTY!”

I was super excited when my friends arrive from London, (Yes the 2 mad ones) What do we do!? Get out the booze, food and dress-ups! I love it when Claire and Louise come to visit, we paint the town red and dance like there is no tomorrow, I forget how old I am, on this visit we decided to go dressed as Barbie, with our bubble gum and bright pink accessories and big hair!