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There’s nothing better than the idea of a vacation. Away from home for a few weeks, you get the weather, the atmosphere and the comfort.

In reality, the comfort factor isn’t as strong as everybody likes to believe. Forget about family arguments, sore feet from mammoth shopping sprees and the scorching heat; sleeping soundly is tough too.

How To Sleep Soundly On Vacation

In a different bed with a messed up routine, the quality of your rest won’t be very high, which can ruin the experience. What you want to do is sleep like a baby, yet it’s easier to say than do.

Try these tips on your next vacation to make sure you get the most out of your holiday.

Take Something Familiar

You can’t take your mattress, not with the current luggage rules, but you can bring some familiar accessories. Most pillows will fit into a suitcase with ease without taking up too much space, thanks to their squishy form. And it can make all the difference as your own cushion will give your head the support you expect during the night.

A slight change will make all the difference so you shouldn’t dismiss anything out of hand regarding your sleep.

How To Sleep Soundly On Vacation

Invest In Accessories

It’s essential to add to your facilities as well as the things you normally have at home. In your bed, you can control everything from the noise level to the amount of light in the room, but that isn’t the case in a hotel. Things going on outside might make it impossible to zone out without help. That’s where earplugs come in handy.

The same goes for a facemask if the window dressings aren’t up to standard. Rather than buying them on arrival, you should invest in quality accessories before the trip and pack them. That way, you’ll always have them ready just in case.

How To Sleep Soundly On Vacation

Don’t Drink Too Much

Alcohol makes you sleepy, and that’s why lots of people like to have a drink before bed on vacation. Regardless of the background noise, a few beverages will knock you out for the night.

While alcohol might get you to sleep quicker, it negatively impacts your quality of rest as the liver goes into overload during the night.

What happens when you stop drinking is your slumber gets less light and you won’t toss and turn as much. No one is saying cut it out altogether, but you might want to hold back depending on the time. Try drinking a bottle of water to flush it out and to avoid a nasty hangover.

How To Sleep Soundly On Vacation

Stick To The Script

Routines change on vacation because you want to have fun. However, while enjoying yourself is paramount, there is no reason to go overboard. By all means, have a drink and enjoy a nice meal while watching the hotel’s musical entertainment, but

don’t stay up all night. And, try not to sleep in too much in the morning either. Otherwise, your sleeping patterns will alter and you’ll feel tired from dusk until the dawn.

One last thing: resist the urge to pop a pill. Sleeping tablets mess with the body’s systems and make matters worse.

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