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A few places in the world should be visited, and a few travel experiences too. However, if you have to narrow it down to three things you should see and/or do in your life, here they are.

Holidays You Have To Add To Your Bucket List

Polar Bears

One of the most exciting places you can visit is a set of islands called Svalbard Archipelago. Svalbard is in Norway, and if you have ever dreamed about heading somewhere that not many people inhabit and experiencing something phenomenal, this is it.

The best time to visit Norway to see the polar bears is June to September. The midnight sun is worth seeing, but add the bears, and you must have a must-see.

polar bear on snow covered ground during daytime

Unless you book a tour, you might not see more than some footprints deep in the snow. So, whenever possible, book a guide.


A cruise is probably one of the most luxurious yet affordable holidays. The initial price covers everything, from where to stay, eat, and have fun to a few trips and a guarantee that every day will have beautiful views. If you are travelling with more people, there will be something that will keep each one of you occupied.

Everything You Need to Know Before Booking Your First Cruise: Expert Tips, Deals, and More!

There are arcades, spas, and kids clubs to keep the kids entertained. You should check out your options as far in advance as possible with Bolsover Cruise Club.

There are many different types of cruises. Some go much further afield than others, so consider what you want to see.

Holidays You Have To Add To Your Bucket List


Western Australia is on many people’s list of places they want to go. And with good reason. It has a rich and delicious foodie region called The Margaret River. The Gourmet Escape has top-name chefs landing every November.

high-angle photography of city during daytime

There is a lot of culture and history to enjoy in Australia, and here you will find Sculpture by the Sea – an annual exhibition held each March.

For the sea life lover, you can book some hours swimming with whale sharks, which no one will forget. And finally, you can head to Bremer Canyon and book an excursion to see killer whale feeding grounds.

Scottish Highlands

Scotland is the place to visit if you want to see most of the coast and some heather-covered hills. You can stay outside the main cities – which will allow you to shop till you drop, or take a walk on the Scottish walking trails. Scotland is also known for its history, you can find museums, art galleries, and in fact, history in the small fishing villages.

If you want to ditch the common areas, head north to Cullen, Buckie, and Portknockie. Portknockie is home to one of the most photographed rocks in the world – Bow Fiddle Rock.

Holidays You Have To Add To Your Bucket List

The world is exciting, so it doesn’t matter if you love hot sand, beaches, or snow-topped mountains.

There is something for you; the few mentioned above are certain places that deserve to be added to any bucket list.

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