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Who said your vacation stay has to be boring? Forget standard hotels; it’s time to dive into the world of unusual and funky B&Bs! From treehouses to airplane cabins, these quirky accommodations promise a stay you’ll never forget. Pack your bags and let’s explore some of the most extraordinary B&Bs across the globe!

1. The Boot Bed’n’Breakfast – New Zealand

Location: Tasman, New Zealand

Price: From $300 per night

Ever wanted to stay in a giant shoe? Welcome to The Boot Bed’n’Breakfast! Nestled in the beautiful Tasman region, this B&B is literally shaped like a giant boot. Cozy, whimsical, and straight out of a fairy tale, it’s the perfect romantic getaway for couples. Complete with a fireplace and a private courtyard, it’s a snug haven where you can kick back and relax.

2. The Dog Bark Park Inn – USA

Location: Cottonwood, Idaho, USA

Price: From $165 per night

If you’re a dog lover, the Dog Bark Park Inn will have you wagging your tail in delight. Shaped like a giant beagle, this quirky B&B is a roadside attraction and a cozy retreat all in one. The interior is filled with dog-themed decor, and you’ll even find dog-shaped cookies waiting for you. It’s a bark-tastic experience that will make your tail wag with joy!

3. Treehotel – Sweden

Location: Harads, Sweden

Price: From $550 per night

Treehotel is where childhood dreams of living in a treehouse come true, but with a luxurious twist. Each room is a unique architectural marvel suspended in the trees, from the reflective Mirrorcube to the UFO-shaped room. Surrounded by lush forest, this eco-friendly retreat offers stunning views and a chance to reconnect with nature in the coolest way possible.

4. The V8 Hotel – Germany

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Price: From $200 per night

Car enthusiasts, start your engines! The V8 Hotel in Stuttgart is a paradise for anyone who loves automobiles. Each room is themed around a different car or car-related concept, with beds made from classic cars and decor that pays homage to the golden age of motoring. It’s a high-octane adventure for anyone who dreams in horsepower.

5. The Balancing Barn – England

Location: Suffolk, England

Price: From $450 per night

Defying gravity and architectural norms, The Balancing Barn is an innovative B&B that hangs over the edge of a hill, offering stunning countryside views. Luxurious interiors and a sense of floating in the air complement the sleek, modern design. It’s an architectural wonder that will leave you feeling like you’re on the edge of the world.

6. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Finland

Location: Saariselkä, Finland

Price: From $600 per night

Ever dreamed of sleeping under the Northern Lights? At Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, you can do just that from the comfort of your own glass igloo. Located in the heart of Finnish Lapland, this B&B offers an unparalleled view of the aurora borealis. It’s a magical winter wonderland where you can experience the beauty of the Arctic in style.

7. Jumbo Stay – Sweden

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Price: From $150 per night

For a truly unique stay, how about spending the night in a converted jumbo jet? Jumbo Stay in Stockholm offers a range of rooms inside a retired Boeing 747. Whether you choose the cockpit suite or a cozy cabin, you’ll have a sky-high adventure without ever leaving the ground. It’s the ultimate B&B for aviation enthusiasts and those seeking an unusual lodging experience.

8. Sala Silvermine Underground Suite – Sweden

Location: Sala, Sweden

Price: From $600 per night

If you’re not claustrophobic and crave a subterranean adventure, the Sala Silvermine Underground Suite offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Located 155 meters below ground, this B&B is set in a historic silver mine. The suite is luxuriously appointed with antique furnishings and offers an eerie, yet fascinating atmosphere that’s unlike any other.

9. Free Spirit Spheres – Canada

Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Price: From $350 per night

Swing into adventure at Free Spirit Spheres, where you can stay in spherical treehouses suspended in the forest canopy. These eco-friendly pods offer a unique blend of comfort and novelty, providing a tranquil retreat in nature. It’s the perfect escape for those looking to disconnect and embrace their inner tree spirit.

10. The Shire of Montana – USA

Location: Trout Creek, Montana, USA

Price: From $245 per night

Fans of “The Lord of the Rings,” this one’s for you! The Shire of Montana is a hobbit-themed B&B that brings Middle-earth to life. Nestled in the picturesque Montana countryside, the hobbit house is built into a hillside, complete with round doors and cozy interiors. It’s a magical retreat where you can live out your fantasy of being a hobbit, at least for a night.

11. Crazy Bear Beaconsfield – England

Location: Beaconsfield, England

Price: From $400 per night

Step into opulence at Crazy Bear Beaconsfield, a luxurious and eclectic B&B that feels like a mix of Alice in Wonderland and a lavish Victorian mansion. With rooms decked out in extravagant decor, velvet, and gold leaf, it’s a sensory overload in the best possible way. Each room offers a unique experience, making it a stay you’ll never forget.

12. Palacio de Sal – Bolivia

Location: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Price: From $150 per night

Ever stayed in a hotel made entirely of salt? Palacio de Sal, located on the edge of the world’s largest salt flat, offers just that. This unique B&B is constructed from salt blocks, including the furniture! It’s a surreal experience that’s both visually stunning and incredibly comfortable, offering breathtaking views of the salt flats.

13. The Red Caboose Motel – USA

Location: Ronks, Pennsylvania, USA

Price: From $80 per night

For a nostalgic railroad adventure, The Red Caboose Motel offers the chance to stay in a refurbished train caboose. Each caboose is uniquely decorated and provides a cozy, retro vibe. Located in the heart of Amish country, it’s a charming and affordable stay with a touch of vintage Americana.

14. Cabanes Als Arbres – Spain

Location: Sant Hilari Sacalm, Spain

Price: From $200 per night

Cabanes Als Arbres offers the enchanting experience of staying in a treehouse in the Catalonian forests. These rustic yet comfortable treehouses provide a serene retreat, with stunning views and the peaceful sounds of nature all around. It’s a perfect getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature.

15. Hang Nga Guesthouse (Crazy House) – Vietnam

Location: Da Lat, Vietnam

Price: From $30 per night

Hang Nga Guesthouse, also known as the Crazy House, is an architectural marvel and a visual feast. Designed by Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga, this surreal B&B features organic, free-form structures resembling a giant tree. Each room is uniquely themed, making it a quirky and affordable place to stay while exploring the charming city of Da Lat.

Why Stay in a Quirky B&B?

Unique Experiences

Staying in a quirky B&B offers more than just a place to sleep; it provides an experience that adds a special touch to your travel memories. Whether it’s the novelty of sleeping in a treehouse or the charm of a hobbit house, these B&Bs offer a story to tell.


Let’s be honest, these unique accommodations are perfect for Instagram. Your followers will be amazed by the creativity and uniqueness of your stay, giving you bragging rights and plenty of likes.

Personal Touch

Unlike chain hotels, quirky B&Bs often offer a personal touch from the hosts. You’ll get insider tips on the best local spots, personalized service, and sometimes even homemade breakfast, adding to the charm of your stay.

Memorable Adventures

Each of these B&Bs provides a memorable adventure that goes beyond the typical travel experience. They immerse you in a world of creativity and novelty, making your trip truly unforgettable.


Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? These quirky and unusual B&Bs offer not just a place to stay, but an adventure in itself. From sleeping in a giant shoe to spending the night in a treetop sphere, these accommodations turn your trip into a memorable experience. So pack your bags, unleash your sense of adventure, and get ready for a stay that’s anything but ordinary!

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